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Guns of Galicia
WW1 Simulation Board Wargame
Guns of Galicia (GoG) uses the same core rules as Guns of August (GoA) to simulate Corp-level fighting on the Eastern Front in WWI. Game mechanics compensate for players’ 20/20 hindsight to encourage historically accurate play that makes “sense” in game terms while avoiding a “straight jacket” o...... More
Released 27 November 2012
Highland Charge: Hold The Line
Board Wargame of Jacobite Rebellions
HOLD THE LINE now looks at one of the most fabled conflicts in history, the Jacobite rebellions, in HIGHLAND CHARGE. These uprisings were, as of 2013, the last battles fought on British soil. Featured here are five battles from the fearsome contest: Sheriffmuir, Glen Shiel, Prestonpans, Falkirk, and...... More
Released 03 September 2013
Holdfast Korea: 1950-1951
Board Wargame of Korea
The game uses simple mechanics with a highly interactive turn sequence that keeps gamers engaged for a fast, fun, and furious 2 to 2.5 hours of play. The game units are blocks with labels and a low unit density on board means the game does not bog down. The core rules are 4 pages expanded to 8 with ...... More
Released 19 May 2015
Holdfast: North Africa 1941-1942
Holdfast System WWII Boardwargame in the desert with Rommel and Montgomery
We have a very daring and skillful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general. – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill speaking about German General Erwin Rommel before the House of Commons. Holdfast North Africa takes the Holdfast System WWII Boardwargame in th...... More
Released 18 October 2016
Naval War of 1812 200th Anniversary Edition
Limited Edition of Anglo-American Naval War Board Wargame
Showcasing the global commerce war between Great Britain and the young United States. The goal of the American player is to hunt down British merchant ships while avoiding their warships. The British goal is to seek out the American frigates and merchant ships, while protecting their own. The game ...... More
Released 18 December 2012

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