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Erebor: The One Ring RPG (T.O.S.)
The One Ring RPG Sourcebook
With Smaug the Dragon defeated and the Dwarves of Erebor returning to their ancient mansion, the land east of Mirkwood resounds once more with the din of hammer on anvil. King Bard has completed the rebuilding of Dale, City of Bells. The furnaces of the Lonely Mountain are relit, and the toy-market ...... More
Released 10 January 2017
Adventurers Companion: The One Ring RPG (T.O.S.)
The One Ring RPG Supplement
At the heart of every great story are great characters. The Adventurer’s Companion for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is a guide and reference for players, designed to help them make those truly evocative characters. The Adventurer’s Companion is packed with advice to make your player-hero truly fee...... More
Released 14 March 2017
Victoriana Liber Magica
Victoriana RPG Supplementy
While science and industry hold ever more sway over the world of Victoriana, magic remains a powerful force, from the aristocratic hermeticists who provide instant health care to the nobility to the petty conjurers who make a hard life a little more bearable for labourers. But not all magic is s...... More
Released 23 April 2014
Yggdrasil Nine Worlds
Yggdrasill RPG
In the shadow of Yggdrasill lies more than just the world of men. From the realm of the Gods to the dark domain of Hel, nine worlds stretch out across her roots and branches. Those who travel beyond the world of men had best be prepared. Dragons and Giants await; and neither the Gods or the Draugr t...... More
Released 23 April 2014
Yggdrasill RPG (T.O.S.)
Yggdrasill RPG Core Rulebook
Hearing I ask | from the holy races, From Heimdall's sons, | both high and low; Thou wilt, Valfather, | that well I relate Old tales I remember | of men long ago. -Völuspa, stanza 1 Thus begins the saga of the Fate of the Northmen, the Prophecy of the Völva... Yggdrasil – the Land...... More
Released 25 September 2012
King of the seas: Yggdrasill (T.O.S.)
Yggdrasill RPG Supplement
I have been a helmsman and a forecastle-man and a leader of all the warriors. – Völsa ţáttr stanza 12 In this supplement for Yggdrasill, our Norse heroes take to the sea in search of the coveted title ‘Saekonungar’ – King of the Sea! Pirate or trader, mercenary or master of your own ship, cap...... More
Released 27 January 2015

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