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Saalfeld: Prelude to Jena: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Napoleonic Mini Game series
In October 1806, Napoleon’s Grande Armee is descending on western Saxony in multiple columns. The Saxons and their more powerful Prussian cousins are gathering to give battle. On 10 October, the advance guard of one French column crashes into the advance guard for one wing of the allied armies. A Fr...... More
Released 08 October 2013
Caesars War: The Conquest of Gaul, 58-52 BC (T.O.S.)
Ancients Mini Game Series
March with Julius Caesar and his legions in the conquest of Gaul, 58-52 BC. This is a two player game. One commands the Romans, the other the Gauls as well as allied Brittanic and Germanic tribes. The game pieces include: legions, auxiliaries, fleets and tribal war bands. The map stretches from the ...... More
Released 26 February 2013
Long Range Desert Group: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
World War II Mini Game
Long Range Desert Group: Special Operations Against Rommel 1941-1942 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) is a solitaire game covering small-scale British operations against the Axis forces in North Africa. The player has to carry out one of four missions, or string all four together in a campaign game. ...... More
Released 01 November 2016
Mansfield: Crisis in the Pine Barrens Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Mini Game Seies American Civil War Wargame
Mansfield: Crisis in the Pine Barrens In early 1864, Union Gen. Nathaniel Banks led a small army up Louisiana's Red River. His objective, in conjunction with an overland campaign through Arkansas, was the Confederate Trans-Mississippi capital at Shreveport. Poor coordination of the two columns enab...... More
Released 14 June 2016
Congo Merc: The Congo, 1964 (T.O.S.)
Commando Mini Game Series
During the 1960s the newly independent Congo was the scene of constant warfare. Congo Merc is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting with a task force of elite commandos. You conduct breakneck advances into the heart of enemy territory, seize critical objectives and, just as i...... More
Released 16 October 2012
Border War: Angola Raiders (T.O.S.)
Commando Mini Game Series
During the Cold War a ruthless conflict was waged on the Angolan border between the South African Defense Force and communist insurgents. Border War is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting as commander of a South African battlegroup based on the frontier. You conduct raids i...... More
Released 16 October 2012
Khyber Rifles: Mini Game Series
Hand of Destiny Mini Game series
Britannia in Afghanistan In 1842 Afghan rebels destroyed a British army as it tried to fight its way from Kabul to the safety of the Khyber Pass. The British launched an expedition to avenge that defeat, and that led to another campaign in Central Asia’s Great Game. Khyber Rifles is a two-player ...... More
Released 11 December 2012
Lettow Vorbeck: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
WWI Mini Games Wargame
Lettow-Vorbeck: East Africa 1914-18 Lettow-Vorbeck is a game covering the East African campaign of 1914-18. One player controls the Allied units and tries to clear German East Africa. The other player controls the Germans and tries to prevent it, or failing that, to grab a source of supply in one...... More
Released 08 December 2015
MiG Alley: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Korean War Aerial Mini Games Wargame
MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951 MiG Alley is a two-player game covering the air battles over North Korea in 1951. One player controls the UN forces and must carry out a series of bombing raids to knock out key targets in North Korea. The other player controls the communist forces, including ma...... More
Released 08 December 2015
Suez 56: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Modern Mini Games Wargame
Suez '56: Anglo-French Intervention Suez ‘56 places you in command of British, French, and Israeli forces in Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt. The historical objective was to regain control of the Suez Canal and potentially remove Egypt’s President Nasser. Your mission is to achieve tho...... More
Released 08 December 2015
Khe Sanh 68: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Viet Nam Mini Games Wargame
Khe Sanh '68: Marines Under Siege Khe Sanh ‘68 places you in command of United States and South Vietnamese (ARVN) forces in the campaign to relieve the USMC firebase at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. The historical campaign was something of a race against time as the US high command feared that...... More
Released 08 December 2015
Classic Panzergruppe Guderian Game System Wargame
Leningrad recreates one of the most crucial campaigns of the Second World War, the northern wing of Operation Barbarossa in which German forces drive along the Baltic coast to take Leningrad and trap the Soviet fleet. The German military was at its operational peak: panzer divisions provided the str...... More
Released 31 March 2015
RAF: The battle of Britain 1940 (T.O.S.)
World War II Strategy Board Wargame
A second printing of John Butterfield's award winning RAF update in which players can solo as the British or the Germans or can play head-to-head. France has fallen. England stands alone against the might of a triumphant Germany, defended only by the Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons of the Royal ...... More
Released 28 August 2013
Storm of Steel Revised edition
WWI Board Wargame
STORM OF STEEL (SoS) is a complete simulation of World War I. Three maps cover Europe from the Pyrenees to the Urals along with the Middle East. Fighting rages from St. Petersburg to Verdun to Baghdad and beyond. The maps can be combined for one grand campaign game, or they can be used separately fo...... More
Released 19 August 2014
Struggle of the Galactic Empire: 2nd Printing (T.O.S.)
2nd Edition of popular Solitaire Science Fiction Board Wargame
In the far future, Earth is a distant myth. When mankind gained the means to transit the vastness of space safely and quickly, a great human wave extended across the galaxy, and humans soon inhabited thousands of worlds. Communities of worlds formed alliances; alliances became federations, and event...... More
Released 10 December 2013
Modern War 19: Red Dragon Falling
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
RED DRAGON FALLING It was the Chinese scholar-historian Wei Yuan, writing in the mid-19th century, who first formally identified his nation’s apparently inescapable cycles of “chaos and humiliation” (quru), followed by “rejuvenation” (fuxiang), followed by “wealth and power” (fuqiang), and then b...... More
Released 15 September 2015
Modern War 30: Operation Enduring Freedom
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Enduring Freedom is an operational-level solitaire simulation of the US-Coalition invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The player controls the forces of the Coalition (US, NATO, and the Northern Alliance). The game system contro...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Modern War 31 Combat Veteran (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Combat Veteran is a simple two-player tactical combat system that simulates the dynamics of infantry combat at the individual (man-to-man) level. This game features two particular historic scenarios as the introduction to the wider system: Firefight at the Rice Paddy Angle (Vietnam in Mekong regio...... More
Released 08 August 2017
Stratagy and Tactics Issue 307: Cold War, Hot Armour (T.O.S.)
The Longest Running Historical Periodical Game and Magazine
Cold War, Hot Armor is a two-player game in which players take command in armored actions during the Cold War. The game is part of a series; this particular game is set during the War in Vietnam, 1954-75. Future games will include battles in continental Africa, the Middle East and eventually a hyp...... More
Released 12 September 2017
Strategy and Tactics. Issue 300 (T.O.S.)
The Longest Running Historical Periodical Game and Magazine
Special Edition Desert Fox Deluxe is a combination of two previously published games covering parts of the North African campaign–Desert Fox and Trail of the Fox–expanded with additional rules, units, and maps to cover the entire war in the North African desert from the Italian invasion of Egypt in...... More
Released 02 August 2016

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