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US Infantry 1942-45
28mm Plastic Wargaming Miniatures (42)
This box contains enough plastic figures to represent a full strength platoon plus HQ. In 1942 a company comprised of three platoons each of three sections of 12 men, at full strength, plus an HQ of five men. There was also a Weapons Platoon comprising of two .30 Browning machine guns (included) and...... More
Released 17 April 2019
American War of Independence Continental Infantry 1776-1783
28mm Plastic Wargaming Miniatures
The box contains 38 Continental Infantry with the option of four to six command figures and up to four Riflrmen. All the rank and file can be assembbled in either formal or informal marching poses. Four figures on the 'Rifleman' sprue can be made up as either riflemen skirmishing or Continentals mar...... More
Released 02 May 2014
Sudanese Tribesman 1881-1885
Perry Hard Plastic 28mm Historical Miniatures.
The box contains 40 figures that can be assembled as Beja (Fuzzy Wuzzies) and Kordofan Tribesmen ...... More
Released 22 July 2011
Prussian Foot Artillery Firing
28mm Metal Wargames Miniatures
Prussian Foot Artillery Firing 6pdr. Supplied unpainted and Unassembled. ...... More
Released 12 October 2012
AfrikaKorps: German Infantry 1941-43
28mm Hard Plastic Historical Miniatures
38 Hard Plastic multipose figures complete with additional 20 mm circular bases and 40 mm square bases for weapons teams plus organisational information. 3 types of head gear are provided (steeel helmets, tropical cork helmets and field caps) as well as varied arm positions and choice of weapons( M...... More
Released 25 September 2013
Travel Battle
The Complete Table Top Miniatures Game in a Box
TravelBattle is a complete table top miniatures game in a box. It is intended for gamers who have limited space, or those who are traveling on a long journey or holiday and need a gaming fix! All the playing pieces are made of coloured plastic, and include two 3 dimensional green terrain boards ...... More
Released 28 April 2017
British Zulu War Infantry.
Hard Plastic Multi-Part 28mm Historical Miniatures
These are multipart hard plastic 28mm figures which can be used for the Ninth Cape Frontier War, Zulu War and the First Anglo-Boer War. They are also supplied with Home Service helmets so can be used for any potential invasion from France, Germany or even Mars! There are 38 miniatures in the...... More
Released 28 April 2017
British Infantry in Afghanistan and Sudan 1877-85
Hard Plastic 28mm Historical Miniatures
VLW 1 British Infantry in Afghanistan and Sudan 1877-85. This box contains 36 plastic multipose British Infantry designed for the Second Afghan War, Sudan and the Third Anglo- Burmese War. It also includes unit bases and an information sheet with 8 flags. ...... More
Released 27 April 2016

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