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Second World War at Sea: Coral Sea (T.O.S.)
Hex and Counter WWII Naval Wargame
In May 1942, the Japanese sought to capture Port Moresby on the south coast of New Guinea and interrupt communications between the United States and Australia. Such a move, they hoped, would bring the Americans to battle. The United States Navy needed no special inducement to fight its nation's ene...... More
Released 24 November 2015
Fortress Malta
Island of Death War Boardgame Scenarios
Island of Death Fortress Malta Sitting astride the Mediterranean sea lanes, Malta stood in the way of Axis dreams of world dominion. To conquer North Africa, Italian and German troops would have to take the island. To hold on in Africa and turn back the rising tide of evil, the British-Maltese...... More
Released 10 May 2016
Great War At Sea: Central Powers
Great War At Sea Book Supplement Scenarios
In Great War at Sea: Triple Alliance, we explored the notion of Italy remaining true to her alliance partners, Germany and Austria-Hungary, during the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Staff officers from all three fleets prepared detailed operational plans, yet when war came in August 1914 I...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Great War At Sea: Triple Alliance
Mediterranean Book Supplement for the Great War At Sea Series
In December 1912, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy renewed their 30-year-old military pact known as the Triple Alliance. In the months that followed, staff officers from all three fleets prepared detailed plans for operations against the French and British fleets in the Mediterranean in case of wa...... More
Released 19 January 2016
The Kokoda Campaign (Panzer Grenadier) (T.O.S.)
Panzer Grenadier Boxed Game: Jungle Battles in New Guinea
Japanese troops landed in northeastern New Guinea in July 1942, and quickly began a march over the forbidding Owen Stanley Mountains toward the vital anchorage and airfield at Port Moresby on the southern coast. They ran into Australian infantrymen of the 39th Militia Battalion, starting a three-mon...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Liberation 1944 (Panzer Grenadier)
WWII Panzer Grenadier Series Wargame
The liberation of France began with the Allied invasion on D-Day, 6 June 1944. From Sword, Gold, and Juno beaches, British Army troops fought their way across the hedgerows and rolling green hills, driving back Hitler’s Wehrmacht and SS forces. Fierce German resistance, featuring skilled use of tan...... More
Released 19 January 2016
An Army at Dawn: Panzer Grenadier
WWII Panzer Grenadier Series Wargame
In early November 1942, American and British forces stormed ashore in French-ruled Morocco and Algeria, beginning a campaign to press the Axis into a small bridgehead around the ports of Tunis and Bizerte in Tunisia. The U.S. Army had its first exposure to combat in the European Theater, while fresh...... More
Released 11 October 2016
Broken Axis:The Invasion of Romania 1944: Panzer Grenadier
WWII Panzer Grenadier Series Wargame
Having driven the Hitlerite invaders out of Soviet Ukraine, the Red Army turned its sights on Axis-allied Romania in the spring of 1944. Powerful mechanized armies were met by German and Romanian forces along carefully-prepared defensive lines, which initially held off the attacks. But by late summe...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Invasion 1944: Panzer Grenadier
Introductory WWII Panzer Grenadier Series Wargame
Panzer Grenadier covers dozens of topics with thousands of scenarios. Invasion 1944 is your gateway to that world. Based on the battles waged by American troops in the days following the landings in Normandy, Invasion 1944 is specifically designed to introduce new players to the Panzer Grenadier sy...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Soldier Emperor: Indian Empires
The Struggle for India 1767 to 1849 Board Wargame
Between 1767 and 1846, war and intrigue dominated the Indian sub-continent. War constantly flared between the Indian kingdoms, both against one another and against the British and French interlopers. The Europeans, meanwhile, also busily fought each other. Indian Empires is a complete game, using t...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Winter Fury
WWII Board Wargame of the Battle of Tolvajärvi: Finland vs The Soviet Union 1939
At the end of November 1939, the Red Army sent about 450,000 men into Finland in an attempt to conquer the Soviet Union’s much smaller neighbor. In what became known as the Winter War, ferocious Finnish resistance soon shocked the world and inflicted repeated defeats on the invaders. The Soviet pla...... More
Released 28 February 2017

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