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Lords of Hellas
Miniature Territory Control Boardgame with Adventure Elements
Enter the Dark Ages of Greece, ruled by mighty Gods wielding advanced technology. Control asymmetric heroes and choose your path to victory, either by strategic control or adventure style monster hunting and quests. Build majestic multi-part monuments of Gods on the board and unlock their mighty po...... More
Released 29 March 2018
Lords of Hellas- Terrain (T.O.S.)
Lords of Hellas Terrain Expansion
This terrain expansion set will enhance your core game experience! Terrain expansion set has all the cities and temples you need in core game. All of the city pieces are fully compatible with Hoplite miniatures, so you can recognize fortified cities of your opponents at a glance! Contains: 12 X ...... More
Released 29 March 2018
Siege Storm
Two Player Collectible Cardgame of Unending Assault
Hey. So you want to know what SiegeStorm is, huh? Well, since you landed on this BGG profile, and not one of the other 95,474 game profiles, we might call it destiny and give it a shot, right? But first we’ll let this sink in…. Over NINETY FIVE THOUSAND games. Crazy. Each of them “unique”, “fresh” ...... More
Released 27 March 2018

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