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Lords of War: Orcs vs Dwarves (T.O.S.)
Duel Deck, Fantasy Expandable Cardgame for Two-plus Players
Each of the double-deck packs is playable out of the box and contains two complete armies, all of which are ready and eager to engage in gratuitous acts of fantasy mayhem. It sees fantasy races engage in dynamic, tactical card battles which surge across your table top, taking between 30-45 minute...... More
Released 06 August 2013
Lords of War: Orcs vs Dwarves 2: Magic and Monsters Expansion (T.O.S.)
Lords of War: Orcs vs Dwarves Expansion.
The first in a series of sequel decks to the original, UK Games Expo Award Winning Lords of War games, this expansion adds a huge number of new Unit Types, new Ranks and new rules to the base game. Alongside adding in new gameplay functions and mechanics, this expansion also introduces Moving Uni...... More
Released 07 July 2015

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