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Corruption of Calimshan: DragonFire Adventures (T.O.S.)
DragonFire Chapter Pack
The exotic cities and arid deserts of Calimshan hide wonders untold…and terrors unknown! Conquer new encounters, including the all-new Desert environment. In the shifting sands, claim new Magic Items and Market cards, along with Crafting Poisons, in the next chapter of the Dragonfire Adventures!...... More
Released 27 November 2018
Deckbuiding Game set in The Dungeons and Dragons World
Dragonfire is a 2 to 6 player cooperative deckbuilding game set within the world’s greatest roleplaying game, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Players choose from a number of races, from dwarf to elf, half-orc to human, while assuming the quintessential roles of cleric, rogue, fighter, and wizard. Equipped wi...... More
Released 14 November 2017
DragonFire Adventures Sea of Swords (T.O.S.)
DragonFire Chapter Pack
Dangers lurk along the coast and in the depths of the Sea of Swords. Challenge two new Encounter Decks introducing an all-new environment, Coastal! Discover new Magic Items and Market cards in the next chapter of Dragonfire Adventures! Rally your forces with 32 additional race/class combinations, i...... More
Released 09 May 2018
Zero Day: Shadowrun Card Game
Two Player Cardgame set in the Shadowrun Universe
You’re the contagion. You are the fear. You are the thing that makes the megacorporations of the world tremble. In the world of Shadowrun, the corps think they have everyone and everything under their thumb, but they don’t have you–the hacker in the Matrix, the fly in the ointment. You know where th...... More
Released 17 October 2017
The Duke (T.O.S.)
Abstract Strategy Tile Placement Board Game
Levy, Manoeuvre, Conquer! The politics of the high court are elegant, shadowy and subtle. Not so in the outlying duchies. Rival dukes contend for unclaimed lands far from the king’s reach, and possession is the law in these lands. Use your forces to capture enemy troops before you lose the chance...... More
Released 09 July 2013
Battletech Technical Readout 3145
Battletech Supplement, Softcover.
The great experiment that was the Republic of the Sphere has failed. Withdrawn behind the Fortress walls, the once-great power has become a silent, opaque remnant of its former glory. Without its influence, old hatreds have risen anew. As war once more rages across the Inner Sphere, new equipment st...... More
Released 10 September 2013
BattleTech Combat Manual Mercenaries
Combat Manual for Fast Playing form of Battletech Table Top game
Have 'Mech, Will Travel. Some soldiers fight for king and country, some for honor and glory, others for liberty or loved ones. We’ll fight for that too, whatever your cause, as long as the check clears. For over forty centuries, mercenaries have plied their trade and been instrumental in toppling ...... More
Released 01 June 2016
Battletech Strategic Kit
Battletech Table Top Game Strategic Operations Accessory
Tired of hunting for a specific table in a rulebook? Wish you had heavy-duty reference cards for Strategic Operations game play like that found in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set? Then the Strategic Kit is for you! The Strategic Kit contains five heavy-duty cards of compiled tables from...... More
Released 22 October 2013
BattleTech Campaign Operations
BattleTech Core Rulebook
Forge your forces and prepare to fight any battle across the Inner Sphere! Campaign Operations completes the core rulebook series begun in Total Warfare. While previous rulebooks detailed game play at various levels—from a single MechWarrior, to a BattleMech company, to entire armies—this final volu...... More
Released 28 September 2016
BattleTech Technical Readout Succession (T.O.S.)
Battletech Sourcebook, Softcover
KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD On February 5, 2439, the Mackie obliterated all opposition during its first combat trial, ushering in a new era of warfare. The BattleMech—King of the Battlefield—was born. BattleMechs reached their pinnacle during the golden age of the Star League. The fall of the Star Leag...... More
Released 03 October 2017
Battletech Tech Kit
Battletech Table Top Game Accessory
Tired of hunting for a specific table in a rulebook? Wish you had heavy-duty reference cards for TechManual game play like that found in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set? Then the Tech Kit is for you! The Tech Kit contains six heavy-duty cards of compiled tables from TechManual. Tec...... More
Released 19 November 2013
BattleTech Battlemech Manual (T.O.S.)
BattleTech Table Top Game Rulebook
Your Avatar Awaits! Standing from seven to sixteen meters tall, and weighing from twenty to one hundred tons Powered by an armored and shielded fusion reactor Skeleton of honeycombed, foamed aluminum core wrapped with stressed silicon carbide monofilament and sheathed by a rigid, titaniu...... More
Released 03 October 2017
Battletech HexPack Mountains and Canyons
Classic Battletech Map Accessory
HexPacks are a flexible map system aid for the BattleTech board game. Designed for use in conjunction with other pre-printed mapsheets (such as those from the Introductory Box Set), the system’s flexibility allows for easy modifications to existing mapsheets, increasing the enjoyment of a given scen...... More
Released 30 October 2012
BattleTech Combat Manual Kurita
Battletech Table Top Game Manual
Some soldiers fight for money, some to spread their version of liberty, still others for a sense of adventure. For the men and women of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery there is only one reason for service: the honor of the Dragon. From the moment Shiro Kurita raised the Dragon’s banner, the ...... More
Released 13 September 2016
Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Edition (T.O.S.)
New Edition of Deck Building Game Set in Shadowrun
The shadows of the Sixth World have every kind of danger you can imagine. Ultra-violent gangers, flesh-eating ghouls, mages that summon spirits from toxic waste, backstabbing corporate raiders, hard-nosed police officers, and even dragons. You don’t have much—mainly your guts, your wits, and your fr...... More
Released 23 October 2018
Shadowrun Kill Code
Shadowrun RPG Advanced Matrix Sourcebook
The Matrix is unknowable because it is infinite. There is always one more corner behind which things can hide, one more hole where secrets can be buried. Your job isn’t to know everything about the Matrix—it’s to know more than the people you are hunting. Or who are hunting you. Kill Code will help...... More
Released 23 October 2018
Shadowrun RPG 5th Edition Hardcover
Shadowrun RPG 5th Edition Core Rulebook
EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE There are cracks in the world. They’re slender, dark, and often cold, but they are the only things that keep you hidden. Keep you alive. They are the shadows of the world, and they are where you live. You are a shadowrunner, thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no o...... More
Released 08 October 2013
The Complete Trog: Shadowrun RPG
Shadowrun RPG Runner Resource Book
Big, bad, and awesome They can call you a trog. Sure they can. Let ’em think it’s smear. Let them show you what they don’t know. Let them ignore history, the great accomplishments orks and trolls have made in every field in the Sixth World, the homes and enclaves they’ve built out of nothing. The...... More
Released 03 October 2017
Shadowrun RPG Seattle Sprawl Box Set
Shadowrun RPG Box Rendition of the Seattle Sprawl
Infinite Shadows It’s the shadowrunning capital of the world for a reason. Seattle offers an unparalleled intersection of corporate, political, and criminal powers. This is where icons are made—like the Ancients, the Halloweeners, the Finnigan Crime Family, the Skraacha, Dante’s Inferno, Renraku Ar...... More
Released 17 August 2016
Shadowrun RPG Street Grimoire Soft Cover (T.O.S.)
Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG Magic Sourcebook Soft Cover
Paying with Your Soul Magic can burn your brain and sear your soul. It can inject power into every millimeter of your veins, or leave you a lump of ashes at the end of a dark alley. It’s dangerous, but to spellslingers in the Sixth World, it’s worth it. Because magic is power, and power in the Sixt...... More
Released 12 July 2016

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