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A Game of Doubt and Dread
Play a Muse! In Bemused, players are muses, supernatural entities of creative inspiration that favor an art form and a human virtuoso that has mastered that art form: The Dancer, The Musician, The Painter, The Poet, The Singer, The Thespian. ELEVATE YOUR VIRTUOSO! Muses seek to bring their chosen...... More
Released 19 September 2017
Dûhr: The Lesser Houses
A Boardgame of Social Combat
Lead a Lesser House! In D?hr, players are the masters of Lesser Houses, families of note and distiction seeking to rise from lesser to greater nobility. The monolithic city-state of Dhr is at once a crucible of emerging and forgotten cultures, a cynosure of commerce, and a titan of military mig...... More
Released 18 September 2018

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