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Battlestations Second Edition (T.O.S.)
Second Edition of the Classic Boardgame of Heroic Starship Adventure.
Battlestations is the game of heroic starship adventure that integrates ship to ship and boarding action in a hybrid boardgame/rpg. Two obstacles to interstellar flight were solved in the 22nd Century: Hyperdrives to actually get us to other planets, and cloning technology to replace our bodies and...... More
Released 19 December 2017
Lifeboat 3rd Edition
New 3rd Edition: Survival and Bluff Card Game
Your ship has sunk, and now you're adrift at sea aboard a lifeboat with your secret love and a secret enemy! Each of you are trying to survive the hardship of the sea, but will you survive each other? The sturdy new box contains: 42 Provision Cards 6 Character Cards 6 Character Cards 6 ...... More
Released 07 October 2014

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