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Nations of Theah Vol. 1 : 7th Sea
7th Sea RPG Sourcebook
Liberty! Equality! Freedom! Change is coming to Theah’s western nations. Tensions rise as disenfranchised, war-weary people grow restless under the unrelenting rule of the nobility. Now, the people look towards revolution as the only respite. This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edi...... More
Released 18 July 2017
7th Sea: Second Edition (T.O.S.)
7th Sea RPG Core Rules
7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Theah, a land of magic and mystery inspired by our own Europe. Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruin...... More
Released 11 October 2016

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