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Tome of Beasts 5E Hardcover (T.O.S.)
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Sourcebook
A Horde of New 5th Edition Monsters! DM: “A collection of hundreds of eyes floats down the corridor toward you, trailing ganglia and dripping caustic fluid that sizzles when it hits the ground. What do you do?” PLAYER: “I retire, and become a farmer.” Whether you need dungeon vermin or a world-sh...... More
Released 22 November 2016
Kobold Guide to Gamemastering (T.O.S.)
Decades of GMing Experience at Your Fingertips!
Whether it’s advice from grognards who were running games at the dawn of RPGs, or suggestions from the new generation of game designers, these 21 essays by experts are here to help you improve your GMing skills and create fun, amazing, memorable campaigns that’ll be talked about for years. In this ...... More
Released 06 June 2017
Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding (T.O.S.)
Resource for Creating a Fictional Place
The Essential Elements for Building a World! Roleplaying games and fantasy fiction are filled with rich and fascinating worlds: the Forgotten Realms, Glorantha, Narnia, R’lyeh, Middle-Earth, Barsoom, and so many more. It took startling leaps of imagination as well as careful thought and planning to...... More
Released 03 May 2017
Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design
Pick up the Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design and start Designing your RPG!
Got Questions About RPG Design? Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Mike Stackpole, and other industry veterans have the answers you asked for...and the advice you need! Want to create great new adventures, monsters and magic for your RPG campaign? Maybe even design your own game? The Comple...... More
Released 03 May 2017
Kobold Guide to Board Game Design
Pick up the Complete KOBOLD Guide to Board Game Design and start Designing your Boardgame!
Pull up a chair and see how the world's top game designers roll. You want your games to be many things: Creative. Innovative. Playable. Fun. If you're a designer, add "published" to that list. The 144-page Kobold Guide to Board Game Design gives you an insider's view on how to make a game that peo...... More
Released 03 May 2017
Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns
Resource for GM's to Improve their RPG Campaign
Run Your Best Campaign Yet Whether you're a new gamemaster or a seasoned vet looking for a new angle to shake up your game, these 19 essays by expert gamemasters help construct your campaign from the ground up—and keep your players engaged until the dramatic conclusion. Kobold Guide to Plots & Cam...... More
Released 03 May 2017
Kobold Guide to Combat (T.O.S.)
Guide to Creating Combat on the Tabletop and in your Storytelling
A full-throated battle cry. The clash of swords. The smells of smoke, mud and blood. Combat! At the heart of every adventure lies conflict, whether it’s between a cursed knight and a half-elf prince at swordspoint, a troupe of adventurers facing down an ogre, or the armies of two great nations...... More
Released 02 December 2014

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