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Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War
Battlefield Evolution WWII Sourcebook
Japan’s imperialistic ambitions to dominate the entire Pacific may seem a mad gamble when viewed from a comfortable 21st Century perspective, but it should be remembered that, in the 1940’s, empires still existed. European powers had commanded vast tracts of the Pacific region for centuries, and the...... More
Released 17 June 2009
Battlefield Evolution Apocalypse Z
Battlefield Evolution Supplement, Softcover
Apocalypse-Z The future is a dark one as the dead have risen to feast upon the living. Cities have been shattered, neighbourhoods torn apart, and humanity is hanging on by a thread. Massive hordes of zombies gather under the control of Overlords, zombies that have retained some of their memories ...... More
Released 12 November 2008
Battlefield Evolution: Warbirds of WWII
Battlefield Evolution RPG Aircraft Surcebook.
It was during World War II that the aircraft truly evolved into a state of the art military weapon, far out-shadowing its not inconsiderable achievements of the previous war. The citizens of every nation were already living in dread of the bomber, and its promise to rain death down upon the cities i...... More
Released 01 July 2009
Democracy Falls
Judge Dredd RPG Adventure. Softcover.
Democracy Falls – a hub of opportunity for those in the Cursed Earth with the skills, gear and guts to try and survive within its gang-patrolled wall. Located a few hundred miles west of Mega City One on the ruins of one of America’s ancient heartland capitals, ‘D-Falls’ is a dream for Cursed Earthe...... More
Released 09 December 2009
Mega City One Archives Volume 3: Lawbreakers
Judge Dredd RPG Sourcebook.
The streets of Mega-City One are a dark and violent place. In the 22nd Century the rules of society have broken down and a new order has arisen to take control. Enter the Judges – empowered to apprehend miscreants and sentence them on the spot. In a hard world, the Judges have to be harder still. It...... More
Released 06 July 2010
Traveller: 2300AD: Liberty
Traveller: 2300AD RPG Sourcebook and Adventure
Quick Overview Liberty: Fighting Crime in America’s Off-World State is a sourcebook and two adventures for 2300AD. It outlines the culture and politics of Ellis’s state capital, Liberty, and several of its prominent citizens. Details The colony of Ellis is the pride of the United States. Am...... More
Released 04 August 2015
Central Supply Catalogue: Traveller (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Sourcebook
The Central Supply Catalogue also contains a massive plethora of equipment, along with rules to bring Robots into your campaigns, an availability system to ensure Travellers have to work to find the more exotic items, and new weapon traits that bring truly lethal firepower to adventures. Welcome to...... More
Released 22 November 2016
Bounties and Warrants
Traveller RPG Adventures
Bounties & Warrants is packed full of missions for budding bounty hunters. From petty thieves to genocidal maniacs, from lone assassins to fortresses packed full of criminals, players will have to be cautious and inventive if they are to maximise their profits, and bring back their targets – alive, ...... More
Released 03 February 2010
Traveller Core Rulebook: 2016 Edition (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Core Rulebook: 2016 Edition
A brand new edition of Traveller is now available - based on the original but tweaked, finessed and updated through a massive months-long beta playtest by you, the players! Every Traveller book is now printed in full colour and all core rulebooks and supplements are gorgeous hardbacks, fully updatin...... More
Released 14 June 2016
High Guard: Traveller RPG
Traveller RPG Spacecraft Supplement
This book is a major expansion to the Traveller roleplaying game, enabling you to design, build and fly spacecraft of all types found throughout the galaxy. You will find rules to modify existing ships, design high performance space superiority flyers, and construct the largest capital ships to trav...... More
Released 14 March 2017
Traveller: 2300AD: Libreville: Corruption in the Core Worlds
Traveller: 2300AD RPG Sourcebook and Adventure
Quick Overview Libreville: Corruption in the Core Worlds is a sourcebook and adventure for 2300AD. It outlines the history and geography of Gabon and Central Africa along with the culture, fringe societies and seedy politics of Libreville. Libreville is the heart of Earth’s multi-world civilisat...... More
Released 04 August 2015
Atlas of the French Arm: Traveller 2300AD
Traveller 2300AD RPG Campaign Setting
The French Arm is the most heavily-settled branch of human exploration and expansion, running from Earth though the link at Wolf 359 and extending all the way up to the Wolf Cluster and Kaefer space, with the colony world of Aurore being the furthest, and most recent, permanent settlement. The At...... More
Released 05 April 2016
Traveller Book 3: Scout
Traveller Supplement, Softcover,
Scout is a detailed expansion for the Traveller game, and continues the line of core books expanding the main rules to give you more options, and depth of play. This book is dedicated to Scout characters, providing them with new career options, equipment, and detailed exploration rules. Character...... More
Released 25 February 2009
Traveller Referee’s Screen: 2016 Edition (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Accessry
A deluxe, heavy cardstock screen filled with all the essential charts a referee needs, with an evocative ship's cockpit facing the players! With a stunning ship'cockpit facing the players, and every vital table for the referee, the Traveller Referee’s Screen is the perfect complement to a well-ru...... More
Released 14 June 2016
Theories of Everything: Reach Adventure 2: Traveller (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Adventure
Set in the Sindal Subsector featured in the recently released Core Rulebook, Theories of Everything is an exciting and memorable adventure set in the Trojan Reach. In Reach Adventure 2: Theories of Everything the Travellers are hired as crew and research assistants aboard the laboratory vessel In...... More
Released 10 January 2017
High and Dry: Traveller RPG (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG, Adventure
In High and Dry the Travellers are given a ship in which they can explore the galaxy for the rest of the campaign – the only catch is that they have to find it first. Travelling to the quiet world of Walston, the Travellers will have to engage with the locals, locate their ship and repair it befor...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Marrooned on Marduk: Traveller RPG (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG, Adventure
Set in the Sindal Subsector featured in the recently released Traveller Core Rulebook, Marooned on Marduk is the perfect introduction to the Trojan Reach and the new edition of Traveller. The Traveller’s shuttle to Marduk is damaged during an attack by raiders, forcing it to crash-land far from civ...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Shadows of Cthulhu
True20 Game System Call of Cthulhu Setting
PLEASE NOTE... Requires the True 20 RPG Rulebook for use. Not compatible with Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Rules. For most people, the world appears to be a relatively safe place, filled with the usual problems associated with day to day living. There are no monsters beneath the bed, nothing ...... More
Released 22 April 2009

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