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Traveller: Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift
Traveller RPG Great Rift Adventure
In Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift, the Travellers are sent to Amondiage in the Old Islands subsector to pick up a starship. Their mission is to take it to Zuflucht for transfer into Imperial space ‘behind the claw’ in Deneb or the Trojan Reach. However, the task is not simple; the shi...... More
Released 19 June 2018
Traveller: The Great Rift Box Set
Traveller RPG Deep Space Exploration Box Set
The Last Great Unknown in Charted Space Only the boldest dare venture into the depths of the Great Rift, crossing the abyss of empty space to find unexplored star systems and forgotten wonders. Deep in the Great Rift lie ancient mysteries, strange alien races and human cultures who have not seen of...... More
Released 19 June 2018
Vehicle Handbook: Traveller
Traveller RPG Sourcebook
Universes of science fiction are filled with vehicles ranging from the mundane to the exotic. A starport on a world far beyond the frontier may see a mix of pedal-powered rickshaws, horse-drawn wagons and anti-grav skimmers. A high-tech centralised and industrial world will have skies filled with th...... More
Released 19 December 2017
Cosmopolite: Book 10: Traveller RPG
A Citizen, not of a Nation, but of The Cosmos.
Civilisations stand and fall, not by might of arms, but by its cosmopolites – the ordinary Citizens and Scholars who make up most of the population. Book 10: Cosmopolite provides new options and possibilities for characters who have followed the Citizen or Scholar careers. Citizens and Scholars t...... More
Released 22 May 2018
The Calixcuel Inncident: Reach Adventure 3 Traveller
Science Fiction Adventure in The Far Future
In The Calixcuel Incident, the Travellers are visiting an underwater city when a disaster causes it to begin leaking. Amid the chaos, they discover they have the means to save the entire city, if they can only reach and start the auxiliary reactor. However, the reactor is located in a secure bun...... More
Released 22 May 2018
Last Flight Of The Amuar: Reach Adventure 4 Traveller
Science Fiction Adventure in The Far Future.
In Reach Adventure 4: Last Flight of the Amuar, a Leviathan-class merchant cruiser was engaged in an exploratory trade cruise into the so-called Outrim Void, a region of sparse star systems just over the border from Imperial space. Long-range merchant cruisers were built for regions like this, and h...... More
Released 22 May 2018
Traveller: The Pirates of Drinax
Traveller RPG Campaign
A truly massive Traveller sandbox, the Pirates of Drinax is packed with enough adventures and source material to keep even the most dedicated group going for years! In the Pirates of Drinax, the Travellers play a band of adventurers entrusted by the King of Drinax with a letter of marque, permittin...... More
Released 10 July 2018

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