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Brains Family: Castles and Dragons
Brains Goes Multiplayer
Brains, the successful solitaire puzzle game, goes multiplayer: In Brains Family – Castles & Dragons players compete to fight dragons and find mythical castles before their opponents do. Each round one adventure card is revealed, indicating the position of the castles and dragons as well as the ...... More
Released 04 January 2019
Castle Rampage
Quick and Entertaining Tower Defense Card Game
Your enemy’s castle has always been a thorn in your side, fueling the feud between you for a long time. It is time to settle your differences once and for all, and destroy his fortress in an all-out Castle Rampage! However, your opponent seemed to have had the same idea. So now, you will have to def...... More
Released 26 November 2018
Crown of Emara
Classic Euro Style Medieval Economic Boardgame
Good times in the tiny kingdom of Emara: During the reign of King Thedorius the Wise, wars, uprisings, and other inconveniences became a thing of the past. Thedorius always cared more for the well-being of his subjects than for power or riches. Therefore, only the nobleman who is able to care for ...... More
Released 08 November 2018
Colour Based Memory and Story Telling Card Game
Love In the vivid storytelling game Farben, every color tells a story. Associate a color with a word, then tell a story of why you connect those two. If the word were "school", for example, you might hear the following: Player 1 plays purple: "I dyed my hair purple, purchased leat...... More
Released 26 November 2018
The Boldest
Fantasy Meets Sci-Fi Forest Exploration Quest Game!
The forgotten creatures of the forest have awoken from their slumber and nobody knows for sure what is lurking in the Iron Valley. You followed the call of your king. Now it is time for heroic deeds in The Boldest! Defeat mechanical monsters, retrieve enigmatic artifacts, use helpful items and le...... More
Released 26 November 2018

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