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4 Seasons
Hand Management Card Game
Strengthen your claim on victory points or increase the amount of victory points? That is the constant dilemma of 4 Seasons. Each turn, players choose two of their hand cards (with values 1-3 and one of the seasons) and hand them to their opponent. Now, the opponent must add one card to the vict...... More
Released 11 August 2017
Animals on Board
2016 Spiel des Jahres Recommended Game of Animal Collecting
The accessible and clever game Animals on Board features a two-tiered cardboard ark that will hold each player's animal tiles. At the start of the game, each player draws three animal tiles, chooses one of these tiles, and places it on a bracket of his ark without showing it to the other players. T...... More
Released 25 October 2016
Clever Tile Matching Family Game from Reiner Knizia.
In a game of Axio, every player receives a rack with space for up to six rectangular, domino-style tiles as well as a scoring board with one track for each symbol that can appear on the tiles. Each turn, players play one of the tiles from their rack onto the board, trying to enlarge lines of iden...... More
Released 24 November 2017
Brains: Make me Smile
Third Installment of the Brains Solo Puzzle Games Series
Make the world smile in the third installment of the series: Brains – Make Me Smile. These new tricky logic puzzles are full of unhappy faces and only one smiley face. By playing pieces between the unhappy faces and the smiley face, you are trying to create only happy faces. While you only nee...... More
Released 03 November 2016
Brains Treasure Map (T.O.S.)
Second Installment of the Brains Solo Puzzle Games Series
50 sneaky puzzles tempt you to go hunting for treasure. Find all the right parts and complete all the treasure maps! Contents. 25 puzzle Sheets (double sided) 8 Treasure Map Tiles 1 Instruction Booklet 1 First Hints and Solutions booklet. ...... More
Released 16 November 2016
Brains: Japanischer Garten (T.O.S.)
Reiner Knizia Family Logic Puzzle Games of Garden Layout
It is not as easy as it seems to lay out the perfect Japanese Garden with only a handful of tiles – and it is even harder if you have to do it by following strict instructions. Use your Brains and you will manage to find the perfect garden tiles to finish all the tasks laid out before you. 5...... More
Released 09 June 2015
Brains: Zaubertrank
Mixing Potions - Fourth Installment of the Brains Solo Puzzle Games Series.
More new tricky solo logic puzzles! This time making Magic Potions. Brains: Magic Potion challenges players to find the only correct solution for a magic potion recipe. In order to brew more and more difficult potions, the players have to find out which tiles have to be used for the puzzle and...... More
Released 07 September 2017
Camel Up plus SuperCup Bundle (T.O.S.)
Bumper Bundle Value Pack Containing the Spiel Winning Camel Race Game plus its First Expansion Set
CAMEL UP is a simple, fast-pace, and outrageously entertaining game. It feeds off the wonderful tension of whether to back camels early for a slight chance of earning big or to wait on less risky but also less rewarding opportunities. Supercup is its first expansion: As the season continues, the ...... More
Released 25 October 2016
Camel Up Cards
Card Based Pocket Version of the Spiel des Jahres Winning Camel Racing Game
Camel Up, the Spiel des Jahres 2014 winner gets a crazed little brother with Camel Up Cards. Attend a topsy-turvy camel race in pocket size and bet like there is no tomorrow. Instead of using dice, the camels are moved via cards that are secretly co-determined by the players at the start of ea...... More
Released 25 October 2016
Camel Up: Grand Prix of the Sahara (T.O.S.)
Camel Up Boardgame Playmat
This is a Playmat for Camel Up with whirlwind spaces that have special Rules The space 6,7 and 8 on the race track are considered to be whirlwind spaces. If a camel or a camel unit leaves space 6, they always moves to space 8. If a camel or came unit leaves space 7, it always moves to space 6. ...... More
Released 10 February 2017
Supercup: Camel Up Expansion
Camel Up Boardgame Expansion
Witness the craziest camel race of all time, EVEN CRAZIER! As the season continues, the cursed pyramid unleashes its magic power and incites the camels to get a move on! Meanwhile international reporters and photographers are on the spot, patiently waiting for the craziest camel-towers to stack u...... More
Released 09 June 2015
Camel Up
Speil Des Jahres 2014 Winner Stack Camels and Play the Odds to Win Big in the Craziest Camel Race of all time!
In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. The earlier you place your bet, the more you can win — should you guess correctly, of course. Camels don't run neatly, however, sometimes landing on top ...... More
Released 18 July 2014
Candy Match
Fast Fun Card Matching Game
Get ready, set, Candy Match! One by one, players reveal cards from the draw pile, which show one or two sweets. As soon as players find a combination of cards, in which all sweets are in pairs, they say “Match” and demonstrate their solution. If the solution is correct, they receive all cards of tha...... More
Released 16 May 2017
Cottage Garden
Uwe Rosenberg's Latest Clever Game About Gardening!
A colorful sea of flowers, framed by walls, paths, and hedges. As ambitious gardeners, you face the challenge of filling the beds in every corner of your garden with plants, inspired by the limitations of space to create ever new compositions. You will use a variety of plants — as well as flowerpots...... More
Released 22 December 2016
Indian Summer
Second Game in Uwe Rosenberg's Trilogy That Started WIth Cottage Garden
Before winter makes its appearance, a particularly warm fall bathes the forest in a golden shimmer. During the Indian Summer, New England blossoms one last time. Treetops are ablaze with countless colors — a living rainbow, from green to orange to red. On their walks through the woods, the players d...... More
Released 20 November 2017
Das Orakel von Delphi
Grekk mysthical euro game from respected designer Stefan Feld
In Stefan Feld's new game The Oracle of Delphi, the player's ships travel across a large variable game board of hexagonal tiles showing islands and the surrounding waters. Each player aims to reach certain islands to perform the twelve tasks given by Zeus: e.g., to collect offerings of different col...... More
Released 25 October 2016
Design Town
City Building Card Game
Build your own town in Design Town! In this deck-building game, you have no hand at all; instead, you play cards directly from the top of your deck. Winning the game requires delicate strategies...and some luck as well!! A turn consists of two phases: card playing and building. • Players play ...... More
Released 14 July 2017
Fantasy Grid Movement Strategy Boardgame
Once upon a time, the Elven Frogriders were honourable warriors, who could even defeat giant trolls when they worked together. However, for a long time now, there has been peace in the land of the Elves, and the Frogriders do not have to fight anymore. In memory of their heroes of old, the Elves now...... More
Released 20 March 2017
Two Player Mushroom Foraging and Cooking Card Game
Fungi takes two players on a walk through a mushroom-rich forest. There, they collect a variety of mushrooms and prepare them on a cozy campfire. Saute the mushrooms with butter and cider to make delicious mushroom dishes. Prepared mushrooms bring points that decide the winner of the game at...... More
Released 20 May 2014
Gluck Auf: Das große Kartenspiel (Card Game)
Card Based Version of Classic Game of Coal Mining in Essen (AKA Coal Baron)
ESSEN, on the verge of the 20th century: solar energy and clean power do not yet exist but there is “an endless supply of coal”. You are the owners of coal mines and it is your responsibility to produce lorries, send them below ground, and mine all the coal you can wrest from your pits. You must als...... More
Released 16 November 2016

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