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Colonial Gothic Rulebook 3rd Edition
Colonial Gothic RPG Core Rulebook of Supernatural Historical Horror set in the American Revolution
The Drums of War Sound The great nations of Europe struggle for control of the New World. Native Americans struggle for their land and their lives. Planters and traders struggle for wealth and position. A new nation struggles to be born. But look beneath the surface. Monsters stalk the woods. Ang...... More
Released 14 March 2017
Flames of Freedom: Boston Beseiged
Colonial Gothic RPG Campaign Guide.
Flames of Freedom: Boston Besieged, is the first volume in an epic campaign for Colonial Gothic. In this book you will find our guide to the great city of Boston, and a ready-to-play adventure which sets the stage for the entire Revolution. Secret plots, secret cults, and mysteries abound, as you ex...... More
Released 23 November 2010

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