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Primeval Thule Campaign Setting: For DnD 5th Edition (T.O.S.)
DnD RPG Campaign Setting
A 5th Edition update of the sword & sorcery, Conan vs. Cthulhu inspired, savage and intense Primeval Thule Campaign Setting. Welcome to Thule, a primordial land of fierce barbarians, elder horrors, and savage wilderness. In this ancient age, humankind is a young race, newly arisen on a monster-hau...... More
Released 09 February 2016
Primeval Thule Campaign Setting: For Pathfinder RPG
Pathfinder RPG Campaign Setting
Adventure in a Savage Age! Inspired by the tales of Robert E. Howard (Conan), H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu), and Clark Ashton Smith, Primeval Thule is a dark and mysterious continent you can either integrate with your existing RPG campaign or use as the foundation for a new one. Only the bravest and m...... More
Released 06 May 2015

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