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Before There Were Stars
Weave a Tale Older than The Stars Themselves.
Open this box, and join the storytellers of old. Before there were Stars is a storytelling game where each player tells the mythic creation story of ‘their people.’ Featuring star-pipped dice that are rolled to form the ‘night sky,’ one scans the stars for constellations to use as keywords for the s...... More
Released 11 September 2018
A Beautifully Thematic, Light Strategy Game
As a Koi fish, you spend your days (turns) swimming to and fro by playing a number of movement cards, with the goal of gobbling up as many dragonflies and frogs as you can every day. Each movement card has from two to four programmed moves, straight, turn, rotate any direction and leap over a space,...... More
Released 23 October 2018

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