8 Minute Empire
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8 Minute Empire
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8 Minute Empire
Territory Building Strategy Quick Playing Game
Build an empire and conquer the land in around eight minutes! In Eight-Minute Empire, 2-4 players take turns selecting a card from six displayed. The card gives a good, and also has an action that the player takes immediately. Actions help players take over the map, but sets of goods are worth po...... More
Released 07 May 2014
8 Minute Empire: Legends
Fantasy Standalone Sequel to 8 Minute Empire
Build a small empire in a land of legends! Eight-Minute Empire: Legends is a standalone sequel to the area control game Eight-Minute Empire and does not require the original game to play. Just like the original game, players take turns selecting a card from six on display. The card has an action ...... More
Released 19 May 2015

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