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Anima RPG
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Anima RPG (T.O.S.)
Anima Rulebook, Hardcover
Anima: Beyond Fantasy features a powerful game engine that allows for incredible flexibility and options for character design and exciting storytelling. The system is robust, detailed, and surprisingly simple, requiring nothing more than the Anima basic rulebook, pencils, paper, and a pair of ten-si...... More
Released 15 October 2008
Anima RPG Gaia Vol 1: Beyond the Dreams (T.O.S.)
Anima RPG Sourcebook.
This supplement for the popular RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy presents a wealth of details on the culture and geography of Gaļa, the vibrant fantasy realm of Anima. With Gaļa Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams, players can enter the old continent, the heart of a world full of adventures, mysteries, and intr...... More
Released 29 June 2010
Anima RPG: The Dominion of Ki (T.O.S.)
Anima RPG Sourcebook
The mysterious force known as Ki flows through all life, its ethereal current linking the spirit and the physical body. But the most exceptional among us can learn to channel and control their own Ki, and in so doing break the barrier that separates the material world from the spiritual one. Those a...... More
Released 07 June 2011

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