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BattleCON: Trials of Indines
Two Player Head-to-Head Fighting Board Game
BattleCON is the head-to-head fighting board game that changes everything! Choose from a roster of over seventy unique heroes and villains from the World of Indines and bring your skills to bear in a contest of wits and strategy. BattleCON tempers the fast-paced and varied combat of a duel with the ...... More
Released 10 October 2017
Merjoram Alexian: BattleCON
BattleCON Fighter Expansion
This box contains one complete Fighter for BattleCON. A strong fighter with excellent stats, Marjoram uses her tactical knowledge to press the attack or ready her defenses each turn, and gains bonuses based on whether the opponent’s power exceeds her own attack power. Contents: 18 Cards...... More
Released 31 October 2017

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