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Captain Sonar
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Captain Sonar: Upgrade 1
Captain Sonar Expansion
This expansion takes the underwater hunt even further with 5 new scenarios and adds strategic depth as each crew gets to pick a special weapon system at the beginning of the game. Will you opt for the sheer power of the Kraken missile or the shields of the Minos Defense Protocol ? Contents • 20 r...... More
Released 18 September 2018
Captain Sonar
Nautical Deduction Cooperative Real Time Simultaneous Action Boardgame
Captain Sonar is an innovative real-time game that challenges two teams to take their submarines head-to-head in a thrilling battle. Your ultimate goal is to find and destroy your opponent’s submarine, but this task is far more difficult that it may first appear. Your entire crew must work together ...... More
Released 20 February 2018
Foxtrot Maps: Captain Sonar (T.O.S.)
Captain Sonar Map Accessory
Go back to the search for the enemy submarine An additional map for Captain Sonar...... More
Released 22 August 2017
Captain Sonar Family Edition
SONAR is a family version of the award-winning Captain Sonar board game. It puts all the excitement of the original into streamlined gameplay that's easy to learn and quick to play. In SONAR, two teams of two to four players operate opposing submarines in an undersea battle. Players navigate their ...... More
Released 20 March 2018

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