Car Wars Classic
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Car Wars Classic
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Car Wars Classic
Latest Version of Popular Award Winning Sci Fi Boardgame
Car Wars Car Wars is the classic game of highway combat, first released in 1980, and winner of many awards. The latest release is Car Wars Classic, reintroducing the joys of autoduelling to a whole new generation of gamers! Play a head-to-head duel, a highway ambush, or a multi-car free-for all unde...... More
Released 25 November 2014
Car Wars Card Game
New Edition of Classic Steve Jackson Card Game
Welcome to the sport of the future autoduelling! Killer cars battle with machine guns, missiles, autocannons, and flamethrowers. You're behind the wheel . . . and the last survivor wins. This fast, fun game, based on Steve Jackson Games' award-winning Car Wars, includes six full-color car cards...... More
Released 25 August 2015

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