Cash N Guns
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Cash N Guns
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Cash N Guns
Bluffing Humorous Gangster Card Game
The big heist may have been a success, but it all goes wrong when every crook wants a bigger cut. With this much money on the table, bullets speak louder than words! In Cash n Guns, players will point foam pistols at each other and try to intimidate their opponents into letting them have the lar...... More
Released 19 August 2014
Cash and Guns: Team Spirit
Cash and Guns Expansion
Youre no longer looting and shooting on your own with Cash N Guns: Team Spirit. This expansion features rules for team play and enables a ninth player to take part in the action. It also introduces a deck of duplicitous Mercenaries: twelve for-hire thugs who can give your team a temporary advantag...... More
Released 09 August 2016

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