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Cypher System RPG
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Gods of the Fall: Cypher System RPG
Cypher System RPG Campaign Setting
The Gods are Dead—Now It’s Your Turn There was a time when gods walked the world. Their magic pervaded the earth and the sky. From their mystical realm of Elanehtar, they brought plenty and pestilence. They judged the living and the dead. Their rule was absolute. Gods of the Fall 13-Grzegorz Pedry...... More
Released 12 July 2016
Cypher System RPG Core Book (T.O.S.)
Cypher System RPG Core Book
What will your Cypher System campaign be? A Cypher System campaign of Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? With the Cypher System Rulebook, running any of those is as easy as running or playing The Strange or Numenera . Take the Cypher System to the limits of yo...... More
Released 11 August 2015
Cypher System Predation
Cypher System RPG Campaign Setting
A little sci-fi. A little post-apocalypse. A whole lot of dinosaurs. Welcome to the Cretaceous. Our ancestors won’t climb down from the trees for another 66 million years, but here we are now. Time travel seemed like a good idea. Exploring the ancient world. Building. Creating an entire society her...... More
Released 20 June 2017
Cypher System Expanded Worlds
Cypher System RPG Supplement
Where will your campaign take you? What worlds will you build? The dusty, ruined remains of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The black expanse of a hard-SF solar system. The gritty streets of film noir. Wherever your vision takes you, the Cypher System can take your campaign. Building on the genres ex...... More
Released 24 April 2017

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