Dead Mans Hand
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Dead Mans Hand
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Dead Mans Hand (T.O.S.)
Card Based Wild West Miniature Skirmishing
Rule book and Cards Old West Skirmish Wargaming. 44 pages, full colour. Comes with deck of 54 DMH cards. ...... More
Released 03 May 2013
The Legend of Dead Mans Hand Campaign source book
Dead Mans Hand: Campaign Sourcebook
The Legend of Dead Manís Hand is the campaign source book in which players take a gang of no good crooks or a posse of untried but honest, good men and endeavour to make their mark on the Old West. Rivals develop business schemes or criminal enterprises, gain skills and experience, expand the size o...... More
Released 02 May 2014
Dead Mans Hand Markers
Useful tokens for playing Dead Man's Hand Wold West Skirmish Game
DMH Markers - Under Fire, Movement, Out of Ammo, Measuring stick. 47 DMH laser-cut MDF tokens. ...... More
Released 03 May 2013

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