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Dinosaur Island
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Dinosaur Island (T.O.S.)
Collect and Sequence DNA of Extinct Dinosaurs to Build and Run a Dinosaur Theme Park
Dinosaur Island is a hot new game from designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Wasteland Express Delivery Service) and Brian Lewis (Titans of Industry) from Pandasaurus Games (Machi Koro, Yedo, Wasteland Express Delivery Service) with amazing, technicolor, ridiculously 90s artwork from Kwanchai Moriy...... More
Released 16 January 2018
Totally Liquid: Dinosaur Island
Dinosaur Island Expansion
Expansion for breakout hit: Dinosaur Island! STRAP IN AND HOLD TIGHT. Dinosaur Island is about to get radically wilder. You’re holding the key to unlocking the latest, most thrilling exhibits in dino park history. Enter the land of TOTALLY LIQUID and discover… A fifth player module! Unique...... More
Released 18 December 2018

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