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Escape: Zombie City (T.O.S.)
Escape Real Time Boardgame now with Zombies!
All the fun of Escape, now with zombies! Escape: Zombie City is a real-time board game, where 2-4 players take their turns simultaneously by rolling their 5 dice as fast and as often as they can without waiting for their teammates. The game plays in 15 min. With the town created from randomly dra...... More
Released 02 June 2015
Traps: Escape Expansion 3
Escape Boardgame 3rd Expansion
Escape: Traps is the third boxed expansion for Escape: The Curse of the Temple, and like the previous Illusions and Quests expansions, Traps contains two modules that can be used individually or in combination with any other expansions for the game....... More
Released 10 November 2015
Escape: The Curse of the Temple (T.O.S.)
Frantic Cooperative Real Time Dice Rolling Adventure Game!
You are a team of adventurers trapped in a cursed temple. Together you must activate the magic gems in the temple chambers in order to banish the curse. Look out for one another. Some tasks can be accomplished only as a team and you have only 10 minutes before the temple collapses! Escape ...... More
Released 19 February 2013

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