Fields of Arle
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Fields of Arle
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Fields of Arle
Economic Farming Two player Strategy Boardgame
DISCOVER THE QUAINT VILLAGE OF ARLE! In the small German Region of East Frisian in the village of Arle on the verge of the 18th century, your family must take care of numerous tasks: dehydrate the moot, plow the farmland, and breed the animals. Improving your craftsmanship in the village and cons...... More
Released 10 February 2015
Tea and Trade: Fields of Arle (T.O.S.)
Fields of Arle Expansion
Welcome back to East Frisia! Itís always tea time in East Frisia. No one in the world drinks as much tea as the people of this small German region bordering the North Sea. Tea is so popular in the region that the locals have defied the efforts of rulers who have tried to replace it with local bev...... More
Released 15 February 2018

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