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Flash Point: Veteran and Rescue Dog Pack
Flash Point Boardgame New Characters
This accessory pack contains two new specialists (cards & miniatures) for use with Flash Point: Fire Rescue. The Veteran is not the fastest or best in any one area, but he can make the rest of your team more effective and knows how to stay out of danger. The Rescue Dog is mans best friend, a...... More
Released 03 December 2013
Flash Point: Extreme Danger
Board Expansion Pack for Flash Point
Includes two full sized game boards (two story Laboratory & Garage), a half sized game board (the attic & basement that can be added to either the Laboratory or Garage, and can also be combined with the boards in 2nd Story for three levels of firefighting). Extreme Danger also includes 9 miniat...... More
Released 03 December 2013
Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition
Cooperative Fire Fighting Boardgame
Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a thrilling ride for friends and family, whether they are gamers or just looking for a good, fun time. Games are about 45 minutes, 2-6 players (solo options), 10+ years - suitable for kids of all ages with appropriate supervision and involvement. Get those kids away f...... More
Released 25 September 2012
Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Story
Flash Point Boardgame Expansion
2nd Story includes two new buildings to use with Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Each building is on two boards, each board representing one floor of the building. The boards are double sided, and mounted and will fit into your Flash Point box. Also included is a token sheet with Ladders, Windows, an e...... More
Released 04 December 2012

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