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Hold The Line
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The American Revolution: Hold The Line
Remaster of Clash for a Continent and the original Hold the Line by Worthington Games.
Hold the Line, The American Revolution is an innovative collaboration between Worthington Publishing and The Plastic Soldier Company/PSC Games to reproduce and remaster some of Worthington Games original titles. Combining CLASH FOR A CONTINENT, the original HOLD THE LINE, plus 18 new original scen...... More
Released 28 February 2017
French and Indian War: Hold The Line Expansion
Hold the Line: American Revolution Board Wargame Expansion.
The French and Indian War expansion has 12 Scenarios from the French and Indian War plus plastic French soldiers in White. It also has unique custom plastic game pieces for Rangers and Indians. Additionally, new tiles will be included in the expansion game. French and Indian War Scenarios with the ...... More
Released 28 February 2017
Highland Charge: Hold The Line
Board Wargame of Jacobite Rebellions
HOLD THE LINE now looks at one of the most fabled conflicts in history, the Jacobite rebellions, in HIGHLAND CHARGE. These uprisings were, as of 2013, the last battles fought on British soil. Featured here are five battles from the fearsome contest: Sheriffmuir, Glen Shiel, Prestonpans, Falkirk, and...... More
Released 03 September 2013

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