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Judge Dredd RPG
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Democracy Falls
Judge Dredd RPG Adventure. Softcover.
Democracy Falls – a hub of opportunity for those in the Cursed Earth with the skills, gear and guts to try and survive within its gang-patrolled wall. Located a few hundred miles west of Mega City One on the ruins of one of America’s ancient heartland capitals, ‘D-Falls’ is a dream for Cursed Earthe...... More
Released 09 December 2009
Mega City One Archives Volume 3: Lawbreakers
Judge Dredd RPG Sourcebook.
The streets of Mega-City One are a dark and violent place. In the 22nd Century the rules of society have broken down and a new order has arisen to take control. Enter the Judges – empowered to apprehend miscreants and sentence them on the spot. In a hard world, the Judges have to be harder still. It...... More
Released 06 July 2010

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