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Keltia RPG
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Keltia: The Chronicles of Arthur Pendraeg (T.O.S.)
Keltia RPG Core Rulebook
In Keltia, you are one of the heroes of the Dark Ages in the time of Arthur, when Britain was still a land of legends. Take part in the great battles sung of by the bards. Travel from the court of kings to the boundaries of the Island of Beli the Great, perhaps even enter the mists of the Otherworld...... More
Released 14 July 2015
Avalon: Keltia RPG (T.O.S.)
Keltia RPG Supplement
Avalon, the isle of wonders, is slipping gradually into the mists, taking away with it forever the magic of the Old Ones. Will the People of the Wind and the old gods intervene, or will they leave their children to the mercy of the wave of invaders sweeping the Isle of the Brave? Is the future High ...... More
Released 08 March 2016

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