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Kings of War
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Destiny Of Kings
A Campaign Supplement for Kings of War
Mortibris the Necromancer cursed and spat in the dust as he saw the host which awaited them. Leave it to the Elves to meddle in matters which did not concern them. With the Dwarfs and possibly the Basileans soon to be at his back, he could ill-afford further distractions here. No matter. The Elves f...... More
Released 02 March 2016
Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Table Top Battle Rules
Kings of War 2nd Edition is a hardback rulebook that contains the complete Kings of War history and rules. It features: Rules written by Alessio Cavatore (Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action) and the Mantic Rules Committee. Kings of War is a game for gamers, by gamers. Compelling new background, art and...... More
Released 17 November 2015
Uncharted Empires: Kings of War 2nd Expansion (T.O.S.)
Supplement Book for Kings of War Tabletop Fantasy Wargam
This is an army supplement book for Kings of War, the massed combat tabletop fantasy game set in the magical realm of Mantica. In this book, you are going to find: Nine brand new Kings of War armies giving budding generals a whole host of new options and dastardly tricks to outfox and out-figh...... More
Released 24 November 2015
Kings of War Historical Armies
Supplement Book for Kings of War Tabletop Fantasy Wargame
Within this book you will find the rules and army lists to allow you to play Kings of War with a range of different armies from across a wide swathe of history, from antiquity to the late middle ages. You can tailor your units with veteran abilities and even introduce mythical elements to your force...... More
Released 11 October 2016

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