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Le Havre
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Le Havre: The Inland Port (T.O.S.)
Two Player Version based on Popular Economic and Trading Strategy Boardgame
Only fools look for calm at the famous inland port of Le Havre. This industrious port is where you will try to amass a fortune with your warehouse and numerous buildings. Uwe Rosenberg’s new two-player game combines the classic flavour of Le Havre and the brilliant production wheel from Ora & Lab...... More
Released 08 September 2015
Le Havre (T.O.S.)
Economic Strategy Building Boardgame
Manage a harbour, build ships and construct buildings in your bid to become the merchant with the largest fortune and the most power in Le Havre. Take control of resources, process them, sell them, and turn them into food to feed your hungry workers. Construct or buy up buildings or ships to prove t...... More
Released 01 April 2014

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