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Corsair Leader (T.O.S.)
WWII Pacific Theatre Solitaire Game
Corsair Leader is the newest game in the Air Leader series! They are proud to break into this new era, and Corsair Leader, and the rich history of the US Navy and Marines is the perfect way to do it. For those of you who are new to the series, Air Leader games are entirely solitaire by design. Th...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Corsair Leader: Aces Expansion
Corsair Leader Expansion
Get 55 pilot card of historical US Navy and Marine Pilots!...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Phantom Leader Deluxe
Deluxe Version of Card Driven Solitaire Game of Airwarfare during the Viet Nam War
What’s New in the Deluxe Edition? An expanded and updated original Phantom Leader game to the high standard set by the Hornet Leader game. Increased the cards from 165 to 330 - All pilots get all 6 experience levels - Add new aircraft: Air Force F-5, Air Force A-7, Navy A-5 - Add more pilots ...... More
Released 24 May 2016
Tiger Leader (T.O.S.)
WWII Solitaire Tank Command Board Wargame
Solitaire Game! - A design by Dan Verssen and Rick Martin. Tiger Leader follows in the tradition of Hornet Leader and Thunderbolt-Apache Leader but takes those game systems down in to the mud and in to a whole new time period – World War II! In Tiger Leader, you’ll be in command of a German Kamp...... More
Released 21 July 2015
B-17 Leader (T.O.S.)
Take command of America's Mighty 8th Air Force over Germany in WWII.
B-17 is the newest edition to the Air Leader series of solitaire games! Take command of the Mighty 8th Air Force during WWII! You select and command Bomber Groups and Fighter Groups belonging to the US 8th Air Force as you carry out a strategic bombing campaign against German Occupied Europe. As ...... More
Released 30 January 2018
Sherman Leader (T.O.S.)
WWII Ground Combat Solitaire Strategy Game
In Sherman Leader, you command an American group of tanks, armored cars, trucks, half tracks, and infantry squads. You get to choose your campaign. Anything from 1942 North Africa to 1945 Berlin, and everything in between. Sherman Leader is a great game for both experienced strategy gamers and well...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Israeli Air Force Leader
Solitaire Game of Commanding of Israeli Aircraft
A major part of the game is mission planning. You decide how to arm your aircraft and which pilots are best for the mission. Pilots are rated for skill level. Deciding which pilots to fly each mission is a major consideration. Your pilots will become fatigued with every mission. If you fly a pilot t...... More
Released 05 September 2017

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