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Lone Wolf Adventure Game
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Lone Wolf Adventure Game (T.O.S.)
Lone Wolf Adventure Game Core Rules
“You race through the tangled forest, chased by a mob of vicious Giaks. Somewhere in the distance a pack of Doomwolves howls. Up ahead you can hear the roar of the waterfall, cutting off your path. What do you do next?” ?? In The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you decide!?? In The Lone Wolf Advent...... More
Released 27 October 2015
Heroes of Magnamund: Lone Wolf Adventure Game
Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Expanded Character Guide
Heroes of Magnamund: Expanded Character Guide brings a wealth of additional player options to The Lone Wolf Adventure Game! Take your adventure beyond the Kai Order with a huge array of new options that let you play any Magnamund character you want to! • A expanded guide to character creation, wit...... More
Released 13 September 2016

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