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MUTANT: Year Zero RPG (T.O.S.)
Core RPG Rulebook
Mutant: Year Zero goes back to the origins of the Mutant franchise: role-playing after the Apocalypse. In this game, you play as one of The People - heavily mutated humans living in The Ark, a small and isolated settlement in a sea of chaos. The outside world is unknown to you, and so is your origin...... More
Released 06 January 2015
Mutant Year Zero: GM Screen
MUTANT: Year Zero RPG Acessory
The official Gamemaster Screen for Mutant: Year Zero is of the same top production quality as the core rulebook itself. It is made out of four sections of 3 mm thick hardback, measuring a mighty 872 x 279 mm when unfolded. The outside features beautiful full color artwork, and the inside con...... More
Released 02 September 2015

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