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Modern War 33: ISIS War
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
ISIS War. This game is set in a timeframe of the near future – 2017 through 2020 – in which the Iranians may have developed some kind of military nuclear capability. Even so, with the US likely still in another post-Vietnam-funk-type of “neo-isolationism,” the possibility for a blitz-style conventio...... More
Released 03 January 2018
Modern War 34: Opaque War: Ukraine 2014 (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Opaque War: Ukraine 2014 is a simulation of the military conflict between the Ukraine government and the Donbass rebels (the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Luhansk). Game play begins in April 2014 when the Ukrainian government launched the so-called Anti-Terrorist Oper...... More
Released 13 February 2018
Modern War 35: Mike Force (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Mike Force is a solitaire wargame covering US Special Forces Operations in South Vietnam’s I Corps and adjoining areas of Laos during the Vietnam War. In Mike Force, you play the Free World forces (US, ARVN, Laotian) while the game system controls the Communists (NVA, VC). Communist mobile forces...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Modern War 36: Cold Start:The Next India-Pakistan War (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Cold Start: The Next India-Pakistan War (CS) is a strategic-level, two-player wargame of low-intermediate complexity that covers the campaign that could occur if the Indians decide to try for the big win over long-time opponent Pakistan. The title comes from the fact “Cold Start” is the phrase used ...... More
Released 19 June 2018

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