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Paths of Glory
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Illusions of Glory The Great War on the Eastern Front
WWI Board Wargame using Paths of Glory system for WWI Eastern Front
Illusions of Glory—The Great War on the Eastern Front is the latest Card Driven Game to simulate the Great War in Europe. First came the award-winning legendary Paths of Glory by Ted Raicer, which simulates the entire war in Europe and the Middle East which is now a convention favorite. It was fol...... More
Released 26 September 2017
Paths of Glory (T.O.S.)
5th Printing of WWI Board Wargame
They called it the Great War. In over four years of titanic struggle, the ancient Europe of Kings and Emperors tore itself to pieces, giving birth to our own violent modern age. The bloody battles fought in the trenches of the Western Front, the icy plains of Poland, the mountains of the Balkans, an...... More
Released 30 July 2015

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