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Rapid Fire
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Rapid Fire (Version 2) WW2 Fast Play
Fast Play Table Top WW2 Rules
The classic game of World War Two table-top gaming. Full colour rulebook. Have a look at Valiant Miniatures 1/72nd scale figures to use with Rapid Fire, the mix of figures in the box has been designed to provide a full battalion for Rapid Fire. ...... More
Rapid Fire: Normandy Battlegames
Scenarios for Gaming the Inland Battles of June 1944
13 historical scenarios (3 of which can be played us a Carentan mini-campaign): Villiers-le-Sec, Leibsey, Norrey and Putot, La Fière, Cambes, Le Bas de Ranville and Hérouvillette, Cristot, Villers Bocage, Across the Elle, Operation Mitten, St Come-du-Mont, Defence of Carentan and Battle for Carentan...... More
Released 10 February 2016

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