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Standard Combat Series
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Day of Days
Standard Combat Series WWII Normandy Landings Board Wargame
Like It Never Snows did for Operation Market Garden, Day of Days takes on the the first 10 days of the Normandy landings at the company level. The Allied objectives are to land successfully and push far enough off the beaches to guarantee a rapid advance into France. The Axis player needs to either ...... More
Released 04 August 2015
Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir River
Standard Combat Series WWII Panzer Battles Board Wargame
Panzer Battles is a Standard Combat Series game covering the classic mobile defensive battles of the 11th Panzer Division against the culminating point spearheads of the Soviet Operation Uranus. The Soviets have successfully entombed the Stalingrad Pocket and are in the process of locking down the p...... More
Released 15 November 2016

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