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Terra Mystica
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Terra Mystica (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Economic Territory Building Strategy Boardgame.
In Terra Mystica, you represent a faction that wants to expand and build cities across the land. You must transform the terrain into a liveable surface for your faction. Everybody knows that Mermaids donít live in the mountains and that Dwarves donít really like the desert. As you build, your fac...... More
Released 25 March 2014
Fire and Ice: Terra Mystica
New factions appear as the temperature hits the extremes in this compelling Terra Mystica expansion.
Traditional factions brace themselves for new competitors as fire and ice descend upon the world of Terra Mystica. Terrifying Yetis, frosty Ice Maidens, devoted Acolytes, and mighty Dragonlords seek to make their mark in the Fire & Ice expansion. With homes in the new Ice and Volcano terrain types, ...... More
Released 23 November 2016
Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game
Sci Fi Economic Territory Building Strategy Boardgame.
Explore the galaxy and lead your faction to victory in this thrilling follow-up to Terra Mystica!! Shoot for the Stars For centuries, your civilization has yearned to take to the stars and explore unknown worlds. Now you finally have the technology to take your first steps into the cosmos. In Ga...... More
Released 12 December 2017

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