The Grizzled
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The Grizzled
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The Grizzled (T.O.S.)
Co-operative WWI Card Game
Through what tragedies can Friendship endure? The Grizzled is a fast-paced, fully cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players that takes place in the trenches of World War I. Each round, the current team leader will choose how many cards every player draws. Then, going around the table, players mus...... More
Released 15 September 2015
At Your Orders: The Grizzled
The Grizzled Boardgame Expansion
An expansion for The Grizzled that consists of three elements: Rules for solitaire play. New rules for playing with two players. Mission cards that present players with new challenges that scale in difficulty based on their experience. On this last topic, mission cards come in easy, no...... More
Released 29 July 2016

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