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Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game
Co-ooperative Game based on TV Classic Designed by Matt Leacock
In Thunderbirds, you and your friends take on the role of International Rescue a secret organization formed to render aid when all other means have failed. Meanwhile, your arch nemesis, The Hood, is threatening to trigger terrible disasters around the world in an effort to learn your secrets. If y...... More
Released 20 October 2015
Tracy Island: Thunderbirds Expansion
Thunderbirds Boardgame Expansion
Alert on Tracy Island! With this first expansion for Thunderbirds the 50th Anniversary Co-Op board game, International Rescue fans get to take command of the iconic base of the Tracy brothers, Tracy Island Confront a whole new series of man-made and natural disasters, operate new equipment and pi...... More
Released 19 July 2016

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