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Arkham Horror The Card Game
RESTOCK Lovecraftian Horror Cooperative Living Card Game Core Set
The boundaries between worlds have drawn perilously thin… Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game® set amid a backdrop of Lovecraftian horror. As the...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Simple Great Battles of History 2nd edition
Second edition of Faster, less Die-Roll-Heavy Version Of the Great Battles of History Series.
Simple Great Battles of History (Simple GBoH) allows gamers to recreate the significant battles of the ancient Western world covered by GMT's Great Battles of History (GBoH) S...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Lorenzo il Magnifico
In Renaissance Florence use Your Family to Accumulate Prestige and Fame.
You can’t choose your family, but you can choose where to send them! In Lorenzo il Magnifico, you are the head of an influential family in Florence during the Renaissance. ...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Fields of Despair
WWI Western Front Two Player Hex-based Strategic Level Block War Game.
Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918 is a 2-player hex-based strategic level block war game set on the Western Front of the First World War. Players take control of the Allies ...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Seas of the Sea Chicken: Random Encounter
A Quick Exciting Battle Pixel Art Card Game.
Random Encounter is a strategic, number-based, pixel-art card game for all ages. Players build encounters made up of various creatures, then try to win as many battles as po...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Scifi Co-operative Dice Game set in the Fuse Universe
FLATLINE is a cooperative dice game set in the FUSE universe. Players must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving pati...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Gambit: Star Realms
Star Realms Deck Building Game Expansion Pack
Just when your enemy thinks the battle is in their grasp, one final gambit can turn agonizing defeat into glorious victory! This pack contains 20 cards for use with the Star ...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Test of Honour - Samurai Game
Samurai Skirmish Game
Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a samurai hero along with one or tw...... More
Released 31 May 2017
Earths Scion Data Pack: Netrunner LCG
Android: Netrunner The Card Game Red Sand Cycle Data Pack
New Miracles for a New World. Who will control Mars? Every twenty-four hours and forty minutes, the Big Four insinuate more of their products, services, management, and agend...... More
Released 25 May 2017
Beneath the Sands Adventure Pack: Lord of the Rings LCG
Adventure Pack in the Haradrim Cycle for The Lord of the Rings LCG
"They seemed often in the blind dark to sense some resistance thicker than the foul air. As they thrust forward they felt things brush against their heads, or against their ha...... More
Released 25 May 2017
Painting War 8: ACW
Miniature Painting Reference
Awesome special issue on how to paint American Civil War armies. More than 25 different miniatures painted by Ángel Aparicio (Oniria Miniatures), and a complete painting g...... More
Released 24 May 2017
Burn and Loot: Wrath Of The Northmen
Medieval Era Historical Miniatures Wargaming Rules
Wrath of the Nothmen is the first supplement for Burn & Loot, the historical miniatures wargaming rule system for Medieval Era. In this book you will find a brief history o...... More
Released 24 May 2017
1754 Conquest - The French and Indian War
Complete the Birth of America Colonial Trilogy!
The year is 1754 and France and Britain have thriving colonies in North America. New England has begun to expand west, from their settlements along the eastern seaboard, into ...... More
Released 23 May 2017
Chemistry Fluxx
The Elemental Card Game With Ever-Changing Rules!
Chemistry Fluxx is the elemental card game where the rules are always changing. Use atoms and laboratory gear to match the current Goal and win! Chemistry Fluxx is the perfec...... More
Released 23 May 2017
Stoner Loonacy
Loonacy Variant
This version of Loonacy, the fast-paced matching game, uses imagery from Stoner Fluxx. Players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching one of two images on each...... More
Released 23 May 2017
To Gain Scientic Superstardom, Grow a Culture of Highly Volatile Microbes.
You can pack a lot of fun into a small box, especially when you pack it full of microbe meeples. I’ll say it again. Meeple Microbes (squeeee!) In this nasty little 2-5 player...... More
Released 23 May 2017
Biotix: Microbes Mini Expansion
Biotix Boardgame Expansion
This mini expansion introduces two new types of BIOTIX microbes, Adaptive and Hyper-reactive, with new abilities to enhance your game. The Incubator cards and rules add a ne...... More
Released 23 May 2017
RESTOCK:: Alternate History 1920s 4X Boardgame
Game of the Year 2017 Origins Award winner. It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state kn...... More
Released 23 May 2017
Tower of London
Fight for Control of The Tower of London
Legend says if the Tower of London Ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it. In Tower of London, players fight for control of the tower using thei...... More
Released 23 May 2017

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