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Field Commander Rommel Deluxe (T.O.S.)
New Deluxe Edition of popular Solitaire WWII Board Wargame
Deluxe Edition: This edition of Rommel has the same content as our original game. The Deluxe version features mounted maps, extra thick counters, and a new taller box. Rommel was designed by Dan Verssen and was the first game in our "Field Commander" solitaire series of historical strategy board ...... More
Released 13 December 2011
Field Commander Alexander (T.O.S.)
Alexander is the second game in the Field Commander series of solitaire strategy games.
You take on the role of Alexander the Great in his world-conquering quest to extend the Macedonian empire and achieve personal glory. exploring not only his battlefield exploits, but also the other aspects of his life. True, Alexander the Great was highly skilled in warfare, but he was also a ski...... More
Released 14 July 2015
Field Commander Napoleon (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Military Napoleonic Simulation Game
Field Commander Napoleon is the biggest DVG game to date, as befits the Empire, the Emperor, and his Grande Armée! The game is so massive it requires a 4" high box! Wan Chiu created the artwork for this mega game. He got off to a fantastic start with a classic box cover design. The game desi...... More
Released 15 July 2015
Tiger Leader (T.O.S.)
WWII Solitaire Tank Command Board Wargame
Solitaire Game! - A design by Dan Verssen and Rick Martin. Tiger Leader follows in the tradition of Hornet Leader and Thunderbolt-Apache Leader but takes those game systems down in to the mud and in to a whole new time period – World War II! In Tiger Leader, you’ll be in command of a German Kamp...... More
Released 21 July 2015
Sherman Leader (T.O.S.)
WWII Ground Combat Solitaire Strategy Game
In Sherman Leader, you command an American group of tanks, armored cars, trucks, half tracks, and infantry squads. You get to choose your campaign. Anything from 1942 North Africa to 1945 Berlin, and everything in between. Sherman Leader is a great game for both experienced strategy gamers and well...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Modern Land Battles: Target Acquired
Fast Paced Land Warfare Board Wargame
Modern Land Battles (MLB) takes you to the front lines in both historical and hypothetical conflicts ranging from the Arab-Israeli Wars to the present day. Modern Land Battles – Target Acquired uses the core game mechanics from our award-winning Modern Naval Battles game, but then expands them to...... More
Released 18 August 2015
War of the Worlds: France
Solo Game About Fighting The Martian Menace
The War of the Worlds is a solitaire board game that puts you in command of the Human forces in a desperate attempt to defend Earth against the invading Martian Tripods! While you plan and carry out the Human side of the war, the game system commands the Martian forces. The War of the Worlds is a ...... More
Released 12 June 2018
War of the Worlds: England (T.O.S.)
Solo Game About Fighting The Martian Menace
England is under attack by strange forces from Mars! You must hurry to field forces to oppose the Martian menace before they ravage all of England and begin converting it for Martian colonization. The Tripods will first destroy your cities and send refugees fleeing across the land, desperate to esc...... More
Released 12 June 2018
War of the Worlds: US East Coast
Solo Game About Fighting The Martian Menace
The War of the Worlds is a solitaire board game that puts you in command of the Human forces in a desperate attempt to defend Earth against the invading Martian Tripods! While you plan and carry out the Human side of the war, the game system commands the Martian forces. The War of the Worlds is a ...... More
Released 12 June 2018
Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Cooperative Strategy Card Based Wargame.
Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. Command the world's best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault missions around the world! You play cooperatively with your friends against the system to complete present day squad-level combat missions. At the start of each mission, ...... More
Released 04 November 2014
Warfighter WWII Series Core Game (T.O.S.)
A unique World War II take on Warfighter
Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. Command US soldiers during WWII. You play cooperatively with your friends against the system to complete WWII combat missions. At the start of each mission, you each select a soldiers, equip them with skills, weapons, and combat gear within the missio...... More
Released 17 January 2017
Memoir 44 Eastern Front Pack (T.O.S.)
Expansion for battles of Axis and Soviet forces.
From the frozen shores of Lake Ladoga to the burning ruins of Stalingrad, relive some of the most intense battles of WWII,where entire Army groups disappeared faster than a single battalion on the beaches of Normandy. This expansion follows Expansion one, the Terrain Pack. While the Terrain Pack ...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44
Board Wargame
Memoir '44 is a unique historical game where players command a horde of little plastic Army men facing-off in dozens of WWII battles on an oversize hex game board. Each battle scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Deploying forces through a variety ...... More
Released 26 June 2018
Memoir 44 Equipment Pack (T.O.S.)
Memoir 44 Board Wargame Expansion
Welcome to the Memoir '44 Equipment Pack, the largest set of figures ever released for Memoir '44. On D-Day, the Allied forces unleashed over 150,000 men and thousands of tons of equipment along the coast of Normandy. 68 years later Days of Wonder has introduced this major expansion to the Memoir '4...... More
Released 02 October 2012
Memoir 44 Terrain Pack (T.O.S.)
Title says it really
From the sand dunes of North Africa to the mountain passes of Northern Italy; from the Pripet Marshes of Southern Belarus to the high ground surrounding Operation Market Garden... Prior to WWII, never before in history had a conflict been fought by so many men over such vast expanses of land and so ...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Winter and Desert Board (T.O.S.)
Double sided Battlefield board
A new double-sided Battlefield board for Memoir'44. Featuring frozen expanses on one side, desert ones on the other. Also includes a simple set of Campaign rules to link scenarios together and Blitz rules for Early War conflict....... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Mediterranean Theatre
Memoir 44 Expansion British Army
On the day war broke out, few nations imagined they would soon be forced to conduct land warfare outside of Europe. As a result, when the war reached North Africa, both men and machines were ill-prepared for the harsh demands of a desert campaign. But history is a testament to the caliber of lead...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Pacific Terrain Pack (T.O.S.)
Memoir 44 Expansion
From the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma to the desolate slopes of long-forgotten atolls, discover this latest exciting expansion for Memoir '44! The Pacific Theater expansion introduces new units (Chindits, Japanese Giretsu Special Forces, US Marines), new weapons (Mobile Artillery, Flame throwi...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Breakthrough Kit for Memoir 44
RESTOCK: Memoir 44 Board Wargame Expansion
Go deep behind enemy lines at Sword Beach as you airdrop in to capture the bridges of the Orne... Join Guderian's famed Panzers as they battle the armored columns of the British Expeditionary Forces... Sign on for Operation Crusader to take on Rommel in the deserts of North Africa and liberate the g...... More
Released 04 May 2021
D-Day at Omaha Beach (T.O.S.)
3rd Printing of WWII Wargame Normandy Landings of US 1st and 29th Divisions.
D-Day at Omaha Beach (3rd Printing) recreates America’s most bloody and heroic day of World War II. In this solitaire game from the designer of the solo classics RAF and Ambush, you control the forces of the US 1st and 29th Divisions landing under fire on the Normandy shore, and struggling desperate...... More
Released 27 June 2017
Gaza 1917 Gateway to Jerusalem: Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation WWI Wargame
By early 1917 British Empire forces had pushed the Ottoman Turks out of the Sinai to a line near Gaza. If the British could break that line, it would open the road to Jerusalem, and after that Damascus. A hastily prepared attack in March was repulsed. After a month spent bringing forward artillery a...... More
Released 21 April 2015
Folio Series: Pavia (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Pike and Shotte Wargame
Climax of the Italian Wars Pavia was the climactic clash of the Italian Wars, a decades-long struggle between Valois France and Habsburg Spain for control of Italy. Both sides have nascent pike-and-shot armies, the French still relying upon feudal knights, and the Spanish increasingly dependent o...... More
Released 04 June 2013
Shanghai Incident: 28 January - 2 March 1932 Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Republic of China and the Empire of Japan Conflict Simulation Wargame
A faction of the Japanese military had been looking for an excuse to extend Japanese control deeper into the Chinese mainland. When several Chinese monks were beaten, this faction paid thugs to fan anti-Japanese activities in the Chinese sector of Shanghai. Seizing the “opportunity,” a small force ...... More
Released 14 June 2016
El Alamein: Rommel at Alam El Halfa (T.O.S.)
Folio Series WWII Wargame
In August 1942, Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox,” had just completed his masterpiece of the desert war, breaking the British Eighth Army at Gazala, capturing Tobruk, and driving deep into Egypt. The British reformed near El Alamein, just 90 miles from Alexandria. After the repulse of a hasty attack in...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Folio Series: Breitenfeld (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Pike and Shotte Wargame
Enter the Lion of the North Breitenfeld was the first major clash involving the Swedish army of Gustavus Adolphus. Gustavus had adopted the advances of Maurice of Nassau, using smaller, thinner formations bringing mobility and flexibility to battlefields dominated by massive blocks of musket-ring...... More
Released 04 June 2013
Folio Series: Golan (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Arab-Israeli War Wargame.
At the start of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the Israelis could only spare two brigades to defend the strategic Golan Heights. On 6 October the Syrians attacked with five divisions, three of them mechanized, supported by mortars, artillery, mobile SAMs, and a heliborne commando brigade. The Israelis w...... More
Released 30 November 2010
WW2: Iwo: Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation WWII Solitaire War Game
Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins Iwo Jima was a critical point on the flight path of US bombers from their Saipan bases to their Japanese targets. The island would be a refuge for malfunctioning or damaged bombers coming or going. An obvious target for a US amphibious assault, the Japanese had reinfo...... More
Released 10 December 2013
Zama: Hannibal vs Scipio (T.O.S.)
Battles of the Ancient World Folio Series
Zama is a simulation of the climactic battle of the Second Punic War: the decisive struggle between the Roman Republic and Carthage for control of the Western Mediterranean. The war began in 218 BC, with the Carthaginians led by Hannibal, one of history’s greatest commanders. The two nations clashed...... More
Released 27 June 2017
First Saratoga Burgoynes Gambit Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Mini Game Seies American Revolution Wargame
In the late summer of 1777, the British master plan to sever New England from the rest of the rebellious American colonies had come unhinged, leaving John Burgoyne's Northern Army dangerously isolated. In an attempt to break through American defenses to reach Albany, New York, Burgoyne launched his ...... More
Released 12 April 2016
Germantown: Washington Strikes 4th October 1777 (T.O.S.)
Mini Game Seies American Revolution Wargame
A British campaign in the late summer of 1777 had defeated George Washington's American army to capture Philadelphia. The British dispersed their strength to hold the city, reduce Colonial forts along the Delaware River, and watch the Americans, who hovered nearby. Washington saw an opportunity to a...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Wilsons Creek Opening Round in the West: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Mini Game Series American Civil War Wargame
Wilson's Creek: Opening Round in the West In the months after Fort Sumter fell, Missouri was riven by a civil war within a civil war. Missouri rebels, organized as the Missouri State Guard under Sterling Price, had been joined by a Confederate force under Ben McCulloch the threaten Nathaniel Lyon's...... More
Released 02 August 2016
Caesars War: The Conquest of Gaul, 58-52 BC (T.O.S.)
Ancients Mini Game Series
March with Julius Caesar and his legions in the conquest of Gaul, 58-52 BC. This is a two player game. One commands the Romans, the other the Gauls as well as allied Brittanic and Germanic tribes. The game pieces include: legions, auxiliaries, fleets and tribal war bands. The map stretches from the ...... More
Released 26 February 2013
Long Range Desert Group: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
World War II Mini Game
Long Range Desert Group: Special Operations Against Rommel 1941-1942 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) is a solitaire game covering small-scale British operations against the Axis forces in North Africa. The player has to carry out one of four missions, or string all four together in a campaign game. ...... More
Released 01 November 2016
Congo Merc: The Congo, 1964 (T.O.S.)
Commando Mini Game Series
During the 1960s the newly independent Congo was the scene of constant warfare. Congo Merc is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting with a task force of elite commandos. You conduct breakneck advances into the heart of enemy territory, seize critical objectives and, just as i...... More
Released 16 October 2012
Border War: Angola Raiders (T.O.S.)
Commando Mini Game Series
During the Cold War a ruthless conflict was waged on the Angolan border between the South African Defense Force and communist insurgents. Border War is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting as commander of a South African battlegroup based on the frontier. You conduct raids i...... More
Released 16 October 2012
Khyber Rifles: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Hand of Destiny Mini Game series
Britannia in Afghanistan In 1842 Afghan rebels destroyed a British army as it tried to fight its way from Kabul to the safety of the Khyber Pass. The British launched an expedition to avenge that defeat, and that led to another campaign in Central Asia’s Great Game. Khyber Rifles is a two-player ...... More
Released 11 December 2012
Lettow Vorbeck: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
WWI Mini Games Wargame
Lettow-Vorbeck: East Africa 1914-18 Lettow-Vorbeck is a game covering the East African campaign of 1914-18. One player controls the Allied units and tries to clear German East Africa. The other player controls the Germans and tries to prevent it, or failing that, to grab a source of supply in one...... More
Released 08 December 2015
MiG Alley: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Korean War Aerial Mini Games Wargame
MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951 MiG Alley is a two-player game covering the air battles over North Korea in 1951. One player controls the UN forces and must carry out a series of bombing raids to knock out key targets in North Korea. The other player controls the communist forces, including ma...... More
Released 08 December 2015
Suez 56: Mini Game Series (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Modern Mini Games Wargame
Suez '56: Anglo-French Intervention Suez ‘56 places you in command of British, French, and Israeli forces in Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt. The historical objective was to regain control of the Suez Canal and potentially remove Egypt’s President Nasser. Your mission is to achieve tho...... More
Released 08 December 2015
Leningrad (T.O.S.)
Classic Panzergruppe Guderian Game System Wargame
Leningrad recreates one of the most crucial campaigns of the Second World War, the northern wing of Operation Barbarossa in which German forces drive along the Baltic coast to take Leningrad and trap the Soviet fleet. The German military was at its operational peak: panzer divisions provided the str...... More
Released 31 March 2015
RAF: The battle of Britain 1940 (T.O.S.)
World War II Strategy Board Wargame
A second printing of John Butterfield's award winning RAF update in which players can solo as the British or the Germans or can play head-to-head. France has fallen. England stands alone against the might of a triumphant Germany, defended only by the Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons of the Royal ...... More
Released 28 August 2013
Heroes of Stalingrad
Heroes of Normandie Second Module
Stalingrad… A name like a requiem. A sad symphony for mortars and machine guns, performed by two different orchestras, each lead by their own unyielding conductor. Actually it was an abhorrent cacophonous concert, the last one that hundreds of thousands, soldiers and civilians alike, would ever atte...... More
Released 10 February 2020
Heroes of Normandie (T.O.S.)
WWII Strategy Board Wargame Inspired by Hollywood War Films
Heroes of Normandie is a squad/platoon sized game. The game is about opposing two armies controlled by a pair of players. These armies, German on one side and American on the other, are made of infantry, tanks and of course, heroes. Each unit has its own set of unique characteristics and skills depi...... More
Released 29 April 2015
Normandy: The Beginning of the End
WWII D-Day Landings Board Wargame
Normandy, The Beginning of the End recreates events related to the Normandy landings and allows the players to revive, at the tactical level, the most relevant battles on the D-Day, from the American beaches to the outskirts of Saint-Lò. The Exclusive Rules are meant to properly depict the singular...... More
Released 28 August 2019
Vorwarts: Pointe du Hoc
A Crowbar Expansion
Vorwarts! is a complete, boxed expansion for for Crowbar. The expansion includes a sheet of new counters, including Ranger machine gun emplacements, German offensive units, and much more. Also included are six beautiful new scenarios including a shortened main scenario, smaller scenarios for each ...... More
Released 04 November 2019
Crowbar: The Rangers at Pointe du Hoc (T.O.S.)
WWII D-Day Solitaire Board Wargame
A commanding voice shouts “Crowbar!” from the carefully monitored radios of Ranger Flotilla headquarters aboard the LSI command ship St. James. With that signal, the 225 men of Dog, Easy and Fox Companies of Force “A” of the 2nd Ranger Battalion launched one of the most incredible and seemingly impo...... More
Released 04 November 2019
Unhappy King Charles (T.O.S.)
English Civil War Boardgame.
In the autumn of 1642 the long foreshadowed clash between the English Parliament and the supporters of the Royal Prerogative was brought to a head. At Nottingham, before a generally uninterested audience, King Charles I (the "Man of Blood") raised the Royal Standard indicating all who took the field...... More
Released 14 January 2009
Pax Baltica (T.O.S.)
Grand Strategy Board Wargame covering the entire Great Northern War 1700-1721
Early in 2009, Three Crowns Game Productions of Sweden produced a limited print run of Pax Baltica, The game was very well recieved by the market and quickly sold out the initial print run. To see this excellent game reprinted and made available to a broader group of gamers, Designers Stefan Ekström...... More
Released 29 January 2013
Enemy Coast Ahead (T.O.S.)
Solitaire Historical Wargame of the Dambusters Raid
In Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambuster Raid, you command a newly formed squadron assigned the task of breaching the dams in the Ruhr Valley. Not only are you presented with a variety of decisions, you play the invisible hand of fate as your crews endure the hazards of a dangerous night raid. Play the ...... More
Released 16 December 2014
1960: Making of the President
Players act as Campaign Managers in this replay of the 1960 Presidential Election. 2nd Printing.
Winner of the 2008 International Gamer Awards best two-player strategy game and nominated for numerous other awards, 1960: Making of the President is widely recognized as the best U.S. presidential election game ever published. Of course, the inspiration for this design derives from GMT's blockbus...... More
Released 22 December 2020

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