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Combat Commander Europe: 2018 Reprint (T.O.S.)
WWII Hex and Counter Card Driven Board Wargames
Combat Commander: Europe is a card-driven board game covering tactical infantry combat in the European Theater of World War II. One player takes the role of Germany while another player commands either America or Russia. These two players will take turns playing one or more “Fate” cards from their h...... More
Released 27 March 2018
Commands and Colours Ancients (T.O.S.)
5th Printing of Battle of Carthage and Rome, Hannibal and Scipio.
Commands & Colors: Ancients allows you to re-fight epic battles of the ancient world. Here the focus is on the two rivals for power in the Western Mediterranean – Carthage and Rome. Will you, as Hannibal, triumph over larger Roman armies; or as Scipio Africanus, will you beat Hannibal with newer tac...... More
Released 13 January 2015
Commands and Colors Ancients: Expansions 2 and 3 (T.O.S.)
Combo Pack of Expansions 2 and 3 for the C&C Ancients Block Wargame
Note on 2nd Printing: This edition will be identical to the previous printing except that any known errata will be corrected and the changes as noted from GMT below. NOTE FROM GMT: Note on Combo 2 & 3 reprint Edition: With both of these modules out of stock and the mounted map originally incl...... More
Released 04 February 2019
Commands and Colours Napoleonics: Russian Army
Commands and Colours Napoleonics Expansion no 4
The Russian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics. Russia, was ruled until 1796 by Catherine the Great. It would then suffer under "Mad" Tsar Paul I, until his assassination in 1801, which brought his son Alexander I to the throne. Alexander, in command of a Russian army...... More
Released 05 March 2013
Commands and Colours: Napoleonics Expansion: Prussian Army
Commands and Colours: Napoleonics Prussian Army Expansion
The Prussian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics (a copy of which is required to play). During the Seven Years’ War, small Prussia under Frederick the Great defeated the armies of Austria, Russia, and France to increase the size of its territories two fold and become a...... More
Released 13 January 2015
Commands and Colors: Spanish Army
Commands and Colors: Napoleonics Expansion.
The Spanish Army is the first expansion for Commands & Colors: Napoleonics. At the time of the Napoleonic Wars, Spain was only a shadow of its former power. Spanish troops and leaders, as many Napoleonic historians point out, performed badly on a large number of occasions. Yet there are a number ...... More
Released 31 January 2012
Samurai Battles: Commands and Colors
Medieval Japan Battlefield Richard Borg's Samurai Battles C&C Series
Samurai Battles, from the game company Zvezda, premiered almost seven years ago. And although the game achieved some popularity for the most part the game flew under the radar of most gamers. Perhaps the blame was with the time required to assemble the 100 plus plastic Samurai figures before one cou...... More
Released 25 May 2021
Commands and Colours: Napoleonics
3rd Printing of Fast-playing Two-player Tactical Block War Boardgame set during the Napoleonic Wars
The Napoleonic historical period the second historical game that was developed using the Commands & Colours system. The Wars of Napoleon rules at first glance may seem more complex than other Commands & Colours games, but if you are familiar with the game system, you are only a few short steps away ...... More
Released 17 January 2017
Commands and Colours Medieval (T.O.S.)
Base Game in Richard Borg's New Medieval C&C Series
Commands & Colors: Medieval is based on the highly successful Commands & Colors game system and by design is not overly complex. The Medieval game introduces many new game concepts to the Commands & Colors system, which add historical depth and flavor. Some of the new concepts are: Superior ar...... More
Released 25 June 2019
Commands and Colours Napoleonics: Austrian Army
Commands and Colors: Napoleonics Expansion
The Austrian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colours Napoleonic's. Prior to the Napoleon wars, the Austrian Empire stretched from Italy to the Netherlands and from Poland to the Balkans. Its Position in the centre of Europe, however, made it the perfect target for revolutionary Franc...... More
Released 17 December 2013
C and C Napoleonics Expansion 5: Generals, Marshalls, Tacticians
Expansion for Napoleonic Version of Commands and Colours Historical Gaming system
Generals Marshals Tacticians is the fifth expansion for GMT’s Commands & Colors Napoleonics game system. In this expansion, there are 18 historical battles. A number of these scenarios focus on the engagements of the French army of 1813 against the Russian, Austrian and Prussian armies around Leipz...... More
Released 01 December 2015
Conquest and Consequence (T.O.S.)
Pacific Theatre Seuel to Triumph and Tragedy
Conquest and Consequence brings the Triumph and Tragedy system to the Pacific/East Asia theater during the same 1936-1945 time period. Like T&T, it is designed for 3 players, maintaining the 3-sided dynamic that adds so much variety and intrigue to the system. Militarist Japan, the first Asian powe...... More
Released 15 February 2022
Wild Blue Yonder: Plane vs Plane Air Combat 1939 - 1945 Down in Flames Series (T.O.S.)
Down in Flames Series Board Wargame
In 1992, GMT released Rise of the Luftwaffe, the first Down in Flames WWII air combat card game. That game covered the early part of the War in Europe, from 1939 to early 1942. It was followed a few years later by the 8th Air Force expansion module, which added aircraft and campaigns for the latter ...... More
Released 30 January 2018
Downfall: Conquest of the Third Reich, 1942-1945
Two Player Game on the conquest of the Third Reich in World War II
Downfall is a two-player game on the conquest of the Third Reich in World War II. One player controls the Western Allies and the other the Soviet Union in their joint effort to destroy the Axis. Though the two players share the goal of defeating the Reich, each seeks a victory that favors their domi...... More
Released 30 January 2024
Empire of the Sun Second Edition Fourth Printing
4th Printing of Card Driven Game on WWII in The Pacific
Empire of the Sun (EotS) is Mark Herman's third card driven design since he introduced the system to the hobby in We The People. EotS is a strategic level look at the entire War in the Pacific from the attack on Pearl Harbor until the surrender of Japan. EotS is the first card driven game (CDG) to m...... More
Released 31 August 2022
Flashpoint: South China Sea (T.O.S.)
Fast Playing Card Driven Strategy Game
Flashpoint: South China Sea is a two-player strategy game that simulates the complex geopolitical contest currently taking place between the United States and China in a disputed region of the South China Sea. The game is driven by a card deck that captures developments ripped straight from today’s ...... More
Released 31 August 2022
Flying Colors Update Kit (T.O.S.)
Update Kit for Owners of Previous Printings of Flying Colours
This update kit includes the components necessary to upgrade previous version of Flying Colors to the Deluxe 3rd Printing of Flying Colors (on the P500 reprint list now). It includes the following: 1x Updated FC Rulebook (24 pages) 1x Updated PAC (11x17) 1x Updated Playbook (includ...... More
Released 24 November 2020
Flying Colors Deluxe (T.O.S.)
Third Printing of Boardgame Recreating Naval Actions of The Age of Sail
On the 21st of October 1805, in a light wind off the coast of Cape Trafalgar, Admiral Horation Nelson turned his fleet to engage a combined Franco-Spanish force on its way to Naples to deposit 4,000 troops in support of Napoleon's forces in Italy. The British fleet, organized into two columns, drove...... More
Released 24 November 2020
Under the Southern Cross: Flying Colors Vol. IV (T.O.S.)
The Fourth Volume of the highly regarded Flying Colors series of Games on Naval Combat
Napoleon’s invasions of Portugal and Spain fractured Royalist sovereignty over both nations’ Empires in the New World. Patriots across the continent were quick to seize on the opportunity and as the second decade of the 19th century opened,independence movements sprang up all over the Americas. Whil...... More
Released 21 November 2023
Great Battles of Alexander Expanded Deluxe Edition
REPRINT: Ultimate Boardgame Simulation of the Battles of Alexander the Great
The Great Battles of Alexander Expanded Deluxe Edition, the updated, expanded, full-colour-enhanced version of the best-selling, multi-award-winning game system that started the Great Battles of History series, includes new game counters, maps, packaging, battles, and scenarios that cover all the ...... More
Released 02 February 2024
Cataphract (2nd Printing) (T.O.S.)
Great Battles of History Volume VIII Justinian and The Early Byzantine Era
Cataphract is defined as a heavily armored cavalryman modelled either on the Sarmatians (cataphractarius) or the Persians (clibanarius). He was the ultimate mounted armored warrior of the ancient world, trained in both shock and missile combat. Cataphract portrays the development of the art of wa...... More
Released 20 January 2020
Great Battles of Julius Caesar Deluxe Edition
A new Deluxe Edition of GBoH Classics on Caesar's Battles
"Two classic Great Battles of History titles in a deluxe treatment (like GMT Games did with Great Battles of Alexander and SPQR). Great Battles of Julius Caesar combines Caesar: The Civil Wars, published in 1994, and Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, published in 1996 and reprinted in 2006, into a single pa...... More
Released 25 October 2022
Into the Woods: The Battle of Shiloh (T.O.S.)
Volume VIII in The Great Battles of the American Civil War Series
Into the Woods: the Battle of Shiloh is the eighth installment of the Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW) series, published by GMT Games. The Great Battles of the American Civil War Series: This series is one of the hobby’s longest-lived design concepts, springing from the legendary re...... More
Released 20 April 2022
Holland 44: Operation Market-Garden (T.O.S.)
Mark Simonitch's  Newest Operational WWII Game
Holland '44 is a two-player game depicting the Allies’ combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden. The game starts with the airborne landings on September 17th and continues until September 23rd. The Allied player must rush his g...... More
Released 07 November 2017
Imperial Struggle (T.O.S.)
Strategy Game Where England and France vie for 18th Century Supremecy
Imperial Struggle: The Second Hundred Years' War, 1697-1789 Britain & France's epic global rivalry, from the designers of Twilight Struggle. “What I gained by being in France was learning to be better satisfied with my own country.” - Samuel Johnson “England has forty-two religions and onl...... More
Released 18 August 2020
Labyrinth: The Forever War (T.O.S.)
Labyrinth Expansion
On June 29, 2014, ISIL proclaimed a worldwide caliphate based on an Islamic State carved out of swaths of Iraq and Syria, with its capital city in Ar-Raqqah, Syria. Its forces moved forward quickly, capturing Mosul and threatening Baghdad and key areas of Syria. The Caliphate reached its territorial...... More
Released 18 August 2020
Labyrinth: The War on Terror (T.O.S.)
Modern Warfare Strategy Boardwargame
2001: The “American Century” had closed with a single Cold-War superpower standing and a pause in conflict that some at the time dubbed “The End of History”. It wasn't. In the Middle East and South Asia, an Islamic revival was underway. Resentments bred in part of US support for the regions' ant...... More
Released 17 December 2010
The Awakening: Labyrinth War Game Expansion (T.O.S.)
Labyrinth: The War on Terror Expansion adding Events of 2010-2015
On December 17, 2010, Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi committed an act of self-immolation to protest harsh treatment by local authorities. His sacrifice brought down the Tunisian government a month later and sparked a popular movement to be known as the Arab Spring that spread across the Mu...... More
Released 01 November 2016
Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-1086
Volume II in Volko's Levy and Campaign Series
How can we live in the same basket as the serpent? - Andalusian poet Ibn al-Gassal on the fall of Toledo. Al-Andalus, 1085. The western jewel of Islam had broken into pieces. The petty Taifa emirs who inherited the once-mighty Caliphate squabbled and fought, then paid the Christian lords Parias in ...... More
Released 26 July 2022
Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261
Factions from the republics of Firenze and Siena vie for control of medieval Tuscany.
You thirsted for blood, now drink your fill. -Dante Tuscany, 1259. As wealth from crafts and foreign trade elevated northern Italy's urban families above the landed lords, rivalries within and among their cities hardened into conflict between two great parties. Ghibellines aligned with the Hohen...... More
Released 04 April 2023
FRG: MBT Expansion (T.O.S.)
MBT Expansion: The West German Bundeswehr
Poised in defense of the Fatherland from the looming Soviet invasion, the West German Army’s panzer and panzergrenadier divisions are not just ghosts of their World War II namesakes. This time it is Leopard tanks, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Jaguar tank destroyers filling out their ranks. ...... More
Released 17 April 2018
BAOR: MBT Expansion (T.O.S.)
MBT Expansion: The British Army of the Rhine
The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) was formed at the conclusion of World War II from various units of the British 21st Army Group. Positioned on the North German Plain, it is the command element of NATO’s Northern Army Group (NORTHAG). BAOR has command authority over the British 1st Corps, as well...... More
Released 17 April 2018
MBT (T.O.S.)
REPRINT: Game of Tactical Modern Armoured Warfare
27 September 1987 Europe’s worst fears are now a reality. For the 3rd time in the century, war erupts. A global economic crisis, strangling sanctions and runaway military spending trigger major unrest across the Soviet Union. Its leaders need to fan the flames of nationalism and scapegoat Western...... More
Released 07 December 2021
MBT 4CMBG: The Canadian Army in 1987 Tank-to-Tank Combat (T.O.S.)
MBT Expansion 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group
The 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (4CMBG) is the forward element of Canadian Forces Europe. Positioned at Lahr in Southern West Germany, the brigade is poised to support VII (US) Corps and II (FRG) Corps against incursions from Soviet GSFG or CGF forces. This MBT expansion focuses on Canada...... More
Released 02 December 2019
Norman Conquests: Men of Iron Volume V
Volume V in The Men of Iron Series
Conflicts of the Normans and their successors 1053-1265 The Normans, and their successors, had a large impact on history. Normans, from Nortmann (northman), were originally Viking raiders that settled in what would now be northern France. Normans gained territory as far away as southern Italy and S...... More
Released 13 February 2024
Men of Iron: Infidel, Blood and Roses (T.O.S.)
Three Pack of Games from the Men of Iron Series
Back by popular demand, the first three games in the Men of Iron series: Men of Iron, Infidel, and Blood & Roses. But wait, that’s not all you get, we’re throwing in the Battle of Agincourt from C3i #22. The game that started it all, Men of Iron, covers the re-emergence of infantry in the early 14t...... More
Released 18 August 2020
Mr President: The American Presidency, 2001-2020 (T.O.S.)
You are the President of the United States, attempting to govern in a new Millennium.
What's New in Mr. President, 2nd Edition. First off, several have asked me "Why a 2nd EDITION? Why not just reprint the original game in a 2nd Printing to get it back in stock as quickly as possible?" Well, we considered that, but after looking at the FAQ document, and with tens of thousands of game...... More
Released 10 October 2023
Musket and Pike Dual Pack (T.O.S.)
This Accursed Civil War and Sweden Fights on, Eleven Battles in All
This Accursed Civil War and Sweden Fights On are being offered on P500 as a two-pack. Eleven, yes ELEVEN battles in one box! The award-winning Musket & Pike Battle Series was launched in 2002 with This Accursed Civil War and followed with Sweden Fights On within a year. Both have been out of print f...... More
Released 25 October 2022
Normandy 44 (T.O.S.)
REPRINT: 2015 Edition of WWII Board Wargame
Normandy '44 is a 2, 3, or 4-player, regimental level game of the D-Day landings on June 6th and the battles that raged in Normandy for the next 21 days. During this crucial period the Germans had their only chance to push back the Allied invasion before the preponderance of Allied men and material ...... More
Released 07 December 2021
North Africa '41 (T.O.S.)
A New WWII Operational Game
North Africa '41 is a game that represents the campaign in North Africa from Rommel's first offensive in March 1941 to December 1941. Combat units represent regiments, brigades, and battalions. Each game turn represents half a month, but a game turn is further divided into 3 Impulses representing 4-...... More
Released 21 November 2023
North Africa '41 Mounted Maps (T.O.S.)
North Africa '41 Maps Accessory
Mounted maps for Mark Simonitch's North Africa '41....... More
Released 21 November 2023
Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan, 1941-1945
A New Version of Mark Herman's Victory Game Design
In 1985, Victory Games published Pacific War. Reviewers at the time (for example, Fred Hellferich in his Fire and Movement review) felt this design set the standard for an operational/ strategic simulation of this globe spanning conflict. Over the last 35 years this game’s reputation has grown, with...... More
Released 20 April 2022
Panzer Expansion 1 The Shape of Battle - The Eastern Front (T.O.S.)
Panzer Expansion 2021 2nd Printing
This first expansion set for Panzer includes detailed TO&Es for the German and Soviet forces covering the entire war period from 1940 through 1945. It also includes a focus on what many consider to be the most intense tank battle in history, Kursk, with OBs for both forces and TO&Es for four of the ...... More
Released 22 February 2022
Panzer Expansion 3 Drive to the Rhine (T.O.S.)
Panzer Expansion 2021 2nd Printing
Panzer Expansion #3 shifts the action to the Western Front where the US and British forces drive the beleaguered German units across Western Europe and into the very heart of Germany. The Reference & Scenario book includes a host of new optional rules covering Suggested Initiative, Spot Removal, De...... More
Released 22 February 2022
Panzer 2021 Print (T.O.S.)
2021 3rd Printing Edition of Tactical WWII Armour Game
The Panzers Roll.... The tanks prepare for action. The fuel tanks topped off and the ammo loaded. The commanders confer one final time to review the battle plan. They await your orders. As the fog clears, your beleaguered battle group once again moves into position to cover the retreating infantry...... More
Released 22 February 2022
Panzer Expansion 2 The Final Forces on the Eastern Front
Panzer Expansion 2021 2nd Printing
This expansion set completes the German and Soviet forces with focus on the early war, some less common, and Soviet Lend-Lease units. Includes TO&Es for two of the more notable Soviet formations to employ Lend-Lease forces – the 18th Tank Corps (July 1943) and the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps (Januar...... More
Released 22 February 2022
Plains Indian Wars (T.O.S.)
Strategy Game on The Battle for The American Great Plains
The Great Plains in the latter half of the 19th century was a cultural battleground. The Native way of life was under siege by an avalanche of invaders seeking land and progress. Plains Indian Wars reduces this monumental and catastrophic series of conflicts to its basic elements: A settler surge vi...... More
Released 20 April 2022
Plantagenet: Cousins War for England, 1459 - 1485 (T.O.S.)
The houses of York and Lancaster vie for control of 15th century England
England, 1459. The son of the great Henry V has not lived to fill his father's shoes. England has lost the Hundred Years War, and mighty lords amass lands and wealth rivaling the King’s own. Henry IV left the door open for any such powerful lord with good pedigree to reach for the throne, and the be...... More
Released 21 November 2023
Norway 1940: A PQ-17 Expansion (T.O.S.)
A PQ-17 Expansion
It is Spring 1940, and both the British and the Germans have plans to invade neutral Norway. The British still have the French on their side, while the German Kriegsmarine will never be larger. Who will strike first? "Norway 1940" is a ziplock expansion for PQ-17 that adds all the British, French, ...... More
Released 06 December 2022
Prime Minister
A 1 to 4 Player Strategy Game of Victorian Politics
DESCRIPTION Introduction In 1837, Queen Victoria begins her long reign over the United Kingdom, a country split between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals strive for social progress, including repeal of the Corn Laws to help feed the working classes, expansion of the electorate to create a real ...... More
Released 30 January 2024

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