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Labyrinth: The Adventure Game RPG (T.O.S.)
Labyrinth: The Adventure Game RPG Core Rulebook
The book itself is a lovingly recreated copy of the classic Labyrinth book Sarah owns in the movie, though it is a little bigger as we had a lot of adventure to fit inside! The book contains everything you need to play, including dice right there in the book! The rules of the game are designed to h...... More
Released 23 March 2020
Melody of the Waves: Tails of Equestria MLP RPG
Tails of Equestria My Little Pony RPG Adventure Book
Welcome to the Singing Sea, an enchanting place of myth and magic to the west of Equestria’s shores. Legends tell that those who sail there sometimes hear delicate songs drifting up from the waters, telling of ancient exploits from the days before Equestria. These days, the Singing Sea is not so ca...... More
Released 03 February 2020

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