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Gizmos 2nd Edition
Who will Prove Themselves as The Greatest Inventor at The Science Fair?
Who will prove themselves to be the greatest inventor at the Science Fair? The sharpest minds of the generation are gathering together at the Great Science Fair. In the end, only one will walk away with the blue ribbon. Who will prove that they’re the best, showing that they can think fast and effi...... More
Released 14 October 2019
Wacky Races
Can You Win in the Wackiest Road Race Ever Conceived?
Racing is a sport that goes back as far as the invention of the automobile. Everyone wants to build the fastest, most fuel-efficient, and tightest-cornering machine that they possibly can. All the prep work comes down to the actual race, as the drivers get in their cars, rev up those engines, and lo...... More
Released 21 May 2019
Zombicide Invader
Takes the Zombicide Saga to The Stars
Work Together, or You’ll Never Make It Off This Rock Alive Zombicide: Invader takes the Zombicide saga to the far-off planet of PK-L7 in an all-new, stand-alone game. The mining facilities there had been home to workers and soldiers when the Xenos suddenly started attacking. Nobody is quite sure wh...... More
Released 06 August 2019

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